Saturday, November 26, 2011

Am I Running A Day Care or What??

My husband and daughter laughingly asked me, if I was setting up a day care other words they think I'm out of control, as usual. 

Actually, I'm being a little selfish, as I set up a little play corner, for my darling little granddaughters, one of whom, I babysit one day a week....oh, and did I mention another baby is on the way. 

This little corner is right beside my sewing you know what that means!!! You guessed it I can quilt and babysit, all at the same time. I also like for my grandchildren, to be exposed, to lots of creativity.

Isn't that the most adorable little kitchen you've ever seen? It almost makes me want to start cooking....on second thought, I think I'll pass.

And true to form, look at the beautiful easels I bought the little girls, for Christmas......I really do believe in encouraging creativity.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Endless Possibilities with Wonky Borders

Dan of  Piece and Press asked me the other day, if this was my first time creating QAYG Wonky Borders.. and it is. I'm thinking, that is a wonderfully, appropriate name......thanks, Dan.  Take some Wonky Borders, add some strips to create stripes, and things start happening. 

The unexpected surprise is the wonderful striped scraps, which will be put right back, into the quilt. I'll be using some of the other QAYG joining methods as well. For the moment I'm just playing with all these delightful pieces.

I created a mosaic with some of the photo's I took, while auditioning, different background fabrics.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Usable Art Quilts

I want my quilts to be ART, but I still want my ART to be a quilt.  A real life, touch, hold, throw in the wash, type be snuggled under, hung on the wall or draped artistically on some ladder or chair, making a lovely statement in a room. 

This means, I like choosing methods of construction, that will allow the quilt, 
to be used in daily life.
The back is looking rather interesting.

Hmm, just how many colours can I add in there?

Look at the interesting scraps I am accumulating....I have a plan, sort of.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Take the Fear Out of Improvising.....I Have the Book For you

Does the thought of improvisational quilting and design sends shivers of anticipation and fear up your spine? 

Are you scared of cutting into your most precious fabrics? 

Are you blocked, with no idea, of what you want to create...... but want to create something?

I discovered a number of years ago, that just cutting strips and improvising, can be very liberating.  Just going into your stash and cutting a number of strips, at various lengths, can be very freeing.

 After all you are only taking a strip or two...what could possibly go wrong? Not to much, I will probably find the experience very freeing.

 A little free form log cabin partnered with QAYG........ is my first improvisational quilt of this type (2007).

Block Detail

I woke up this morning, to find this fabulous book, create your own free-form quilts by Rayna Gillman in my mail box. It made my day!! 

 If improvisational is something you long to try, this book is for you. Rayna's book is fun, inspirational and very well laid out....and not intimidating in the least.

I have a number of books on liberated or improvisational quilting, but this particular one, really strikes a chord with me. I highly recommend fingers are itching to start sewing.

 Rayna also incorporates the use of scraps....does anyone have a shortage of those?? 

Not Me!!

My bins are overflowing!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Like Pulling Teeth.....getting started

It's been snowing and blowing all day long. I've been away from the sewing machine for a few weeks and I've been anxious to get back to it, but I sort of had to force myself, down to the cold basement. 

Funny how that works.....when I should be doing other things I'm down there quilting up a storm and when I finally have some time it's like pulling teeth getting started. Often, when I'm feeling like that, I just go down and play with some ideas that have been sitting there for a while. That's probably why I have so many projects on the go.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in Snow Country

I said goodbye....
 to one last sunrise on  Saturday morning
to my lovely vase of tulips

to my sun drenched little my west coast home.

We arrived back in Alberta yesterday, after a two day drive.  We usually fly but my husband took an innocent trip to the hardware store, last week, and came home with a new car and there was no guilt.  

I don't understand......if a woman goes out to buy a sewing machine needle and comes home with a new sewing machine she would be guilt smitten. But a man goes out for a battery charger and comes home with a new car....well enough said, the car brought us safely through the snowy mountains.

Now to switch gears, from island life, to snow country......sigh.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspired by the View??

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a strong correlation between my paint choices and the view outside my window!! What do you think?

I rest my case.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Really Am Married to a Saint/ One Big, Scary, Yellow Wall

I really am married to a saint, with the exception of the Baguette Incident, of course.  All my friends will verify the fact.....some might even tell you the marriage is still in tact, after all these years, due to his sainthood.  Oh the pressure being married to the perfect man.........

 So what is his latest act of sacrifice you might ask?? He has agreed to me taking the largest bedroom, in our west coast apartment, to use as my studio..Yippee!!!!!! It is the bedroom with the view!!!! We have decided to use the smaller bedroom to sleep in and the larger room as a sewing room/TV room...with a sofa bed.

The left half, of the photo, is the soon to be studio and the right half is the living room. The views out of these two windows are breathtaking.

 We are in a bit of a holding mode out here, on the coast, because a good portion, of our furniture, is in the apartment we are trying to sell. Believe it or not the old apartment is right across the street......I can see all the things I want, over here, right  through the window. Patience has never been one of my virtues. As a result, the new apartment lacks pizazz, for the time being.

We are quite surprised, that the empty, white walls are getting to us (being the colour junkie that I am, it really shouldn't be such a surprise. The solution.....a little paint.
The really BIG, SCARY, YELLOW, WALL!!!!

A lovely, little, grey the left.

 ....and would you look at the cool mirror I found at Homesense. It's so weird...I love it.

If you put a little art, in front of the wall, it doesn't look quite as scary. Did I mention we also bought a can of RED PAINT. I'll keep you posted.


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