Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is that the HUM of a Sewing Machine I Hear????

YES,YES,YES.......last week the hum of a sewing machine could actually be heard around here again. It was music to my ears and therapy to my rattled state of mind. A bad cold, a couple of migraine headaches, unexpected house guests and who knows what else has gotten in the way, of my sewing therapy and yes, therapy it is.

I'm actually up to my eyeballs in fabric, for a project that I can't blog about.....sigh. It's sort of a test project for another wonderful quilter and it's oh so amazing!!! I hate that I can't share my process with you, as I go along, but rest assured I'm taking plenty of pics along the way. Not being able to blog, about this particular project, makes me appreciate how much I enjoy blogging, during a project. I love sharing my process with you, but no worries, I'm sure there will be plenty more to share soon, as I usually have multiple projects on the go.....this move has so stifled that in me, during the last few I've missed it.

A Sewing Day, on Saturday, with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild will give me the opportunity to share a few ways to join some Quilt as You Go blocks. I'm so glad these girls are letting me practice my teaching skills on them.

Here are a few pics of a sample that I started for the Seba Beach Retreat last fall, incorporating: wide joining strips, narrow joining strips and borders. I'll be taking it to the demo on Saturday and just adding to it, as I go. In March, the Victoria Modern Quilt Guild will give me a chance to the same or something like it. I think the sample will just keep growing as the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is interested as well.....hopefully that will be in May. 

Now back to my machine......or maybe a snack and some more Olympics!!


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