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I work on multiple projects in two different studios. It's getting a little harder keeping track, as I go back and forth from Alberta to Vancouver Island. If I dig them all up and take pictures, I might have to count how many works in progress I actually have....that's a little scary.



  1. What eye candy your site is. Inspiration is just the first word I come up with when I see your designs. I will enjoy cruising your site. Thanks for being here.

  2. Never gets boring. You get sick of one, well move on to the next one till you get bored of that one too and so on, they'll all get done eventually. Meanwhile you'll have started some new ones to keep it going.

  3. Oh, I'm a multi girl, too! So glad to meet others who understand the need to have several things going. I admire the ability of many to just do a project from start to finish, but I would go INSANE of boredom! Well, I make "real" quilts, too, that take lots of time and attention, rather than the fun little wall hangings and table mats that lots of people have great fun making. That probably makes a difference. ;D

  4. I love your quilts...such an inspiration, they are helping me get unstuck....yea, more projects, just the way I work, think, process, create.. thanks for sharing your process and beautiful work.

  5. Love the colors in your quilts. Love visiting your blog. So much inspiration here. Going to use your qayg technique to finish my quilts now.

    1. Thanks so much....I hope you enjoy the QAYG technique as much as I do.

  6. Wow, I just love your quilts! So inspiring!

  7. Yep, eye candy galore!! Thanks for sharing your inspirations with all of us.


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