Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Quilters like to Start them Young

I really haven't got much quilting done.....okay I haven't gotten any quilting done in the last few weeks. I did manage to move a few things around. But, just because I didn't do anything doesn't mean one of my little granddaughters didn't.

She got braver and added a step stool....

Then she just threw all caution to the wind and climbed the ladder!!

And if that was't enough to melt my heart......

Another little "Artist in the Making" came to spend the day with her Grandma.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Somewhat of a Blur

The last seven or eight weeks have been somewhat of a blur for me. After my Mom's death on Easter Sunday, there was the flurry of planning a funeral and taking care of all the details of loosing a loved one.

 Shortly after that it was off to Victoria....then to Seattle....back to Victoria.

Then off to Vancouver where I was teaching a Quilt as You Go workshop....what a fabulous group of quilters!!!

Then off to Montreal for Jessica's graduation.

 I'm so proud of my beautiful girl....she received her Masters in Educational Technology

After a whirlwind of activity and spectacular weather.....back to Alberta.

My husband is off on business and sailing for the next ten days or so.....and you know what that means!!!! Time for quilting!!! 

In all honesty, in the midst of all the activity, my heart is heavy with comes in waves and abates only to come again. The stillness of my studio is calling.....


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