Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Sketch Book of Sorts

Many quilters and artists have sketch books....I have tried, but have never been able to create a successful one that works for me. Others keep journals, again, I have never lasted more than a few entries. This blog has been the closest thing to a journal or sketch book I have been able to maintain.  So what do I do with all the creative, quilting ideas running around my head? I create quilt swatches or Works in Progress if you will. Trust me, I have piles of WIPs.  I think of these as ideas that are simmering.....some have been simmering for several years. Hmm.....maybe I'm just rationalizing but hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

These are a couple of WIPs that are over five years old.


These are my experiments with fusing.


I have added a little matchstick quilting.


The matchstick quilting, although easy, is pretty time consuming.


I have been having fun playing with my new iPad Pro.....just testing out some quilting lines. I have never tested quilting lines before....well, I guess there's a first time for everything.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Testing the new iPad

A new iPad shouldn't be enough to keep me up so late but here I am playing with my new toy in the wee hours of the morning. I am hoping it will be a little easier for writing blog posts than my old one. So with a new app loaded lets see what happens.


I have been playing with some five-year old fused blocks. I have several more pictures but they somehow didn't turn up on the new device.

Monday, September 26, 2016


I have been having fun for the last two weeks playing with some QAYG Leftovers.

On the right hand side is the quilt the leftovers are from.

Finding ways to set these already quilted pieces into blocks has been rather rewarding.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Workshop In Edmonton

Hi Everyone
If you happen to live in the Edmonton area and are interested in a one day workshop, I will be teaching Wonky Curved Piecing (based on my quilt Ripple Effect II)....for only $30 on August 23/2016. For more info and to register go to 
While you are there check out the class that is being offered the following day as well.

We have a fabulous facility booked and there is still room.....We would love to see you there. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

You Do The Math

Twelve 18"  Blocks Finished. 

When you have twelve finished blocks you have twelve positions to place the blocks......but, remember each block has four sides. Yikes, just how many options do I have here??? ANYONE CARE TO DO THE MATH??

Of course, that doesn't take into account any of my joining decisions. And.......what if I should happen to get Rotary Cutter Happy??? Oh, let's not even entertain that possibility. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Do Your Quilts Talk to You?

It's been so long since I stopped in here.....I'm not sure where to start. The ease of Instagram has turned me into a lazy blogger.

A few weeks ago I just couldn't fine any Quilty Motivation. I sometimes find, that if I actually go and do something the motivation starts to creep back in.  Every once and in awhile it actually returns with a vengeance, exploding full of ideas. It was more of a slow go this time.

So...I started by cutting strips....and cutting more strips!!! I do have a tendency to carried away.

I have four favorite "go to sizes". They are 4.5", 2.5", 2" and 1.25". These are the sizes I use for joining blocks (narrow and wide joining strips). I also use the 2.5" for binding. Plus these sizes give me plenty of variety to play with.

I also threw in some fairly large prints from my stash, that for some reason I have been hesitant to use.

After a week or so of cutting strips.....I just started to play.

At some point it almost feels like the quilt starts talking to me. Let's hope I can hear what it's saying. Do your quilts talk to you???

Friday, March 11, 2016

Renovation Aftermath

I'm still a little out of sync or should I say a lot out of sync, after living through a three month renovation.  One has a way of underestimating how invasive a home renovation can actually be.

Yup....things got a little messy.

Every area of the house seemed to be turned upside down!!!

Then amongst the chaos, I had to put together quilts and samples for an upcoming workshop in the Vancouver area. So last Friday morning, the last detail, of the renovation was finished and that same afternoon we flew to Victoria.

Loading up the quilts

I actually look like I might be organized!!!

Just before flying out, I got the fabulous news, that three of my quilts were accepted into Quilt Canada exciting.

Here is the aftermath of three trunk shows in two days.

Then a sick day.......

Such a lovely view out of our hotel window.

Some free time on Granville Island.

Then a two day workshop over the weekend, here in the Vancouver area and another one, in Victoria next week.

I hope to find some normal after the dust settles........but then normal is probably highly overrated.


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