Thursday, July 31, 2014

Super Sized Bobbins

Would you look at the size of those Bobbins.....I
 believe they hold about 80% more thread than a regular bobbin, of course I can't find exactly where it says that, but trust me it's wonderful.

 I've been playing with my New Bernina 710.....truly a dream machine!!!!!

 Meanwhile, I'm making pretty good head way on my "Picking Up the Pieces" Quilt.

 Nine blocks quilted......

Three to go.....

I just threw these up on the design wall randomly.....lets see where they take me.

I did rather slip that new machine part in, didn't I. Did I really neeeed a new machine....well, not really.

I saw this machine at a Quilt Show in Victoria, in May and had been obsessing dreaming about it ever since. I took a little of my, still to come, inheritance money and there you have it. My Mom had a Bernina when I was growing up....I can't help but think of her when I'm sewing with it.  

So, thanks, Mom.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Putting the Pieces Back Together

It's one thing to pick up the pieces ......but then what????? How to fit them back together, that's the million dollar question. 

 Joining, more slicing and's perfect...NOT!!!   I so wish that were the case. Instead, RIPPING OUT and MORE RIPPING OUT!  But, when one way doesn't work, it inevitably leads to another solution, and if that doesn't work something else has a way of presenting itself.

I'm insetting pieces that are already quilted....that is a dilemma all of it's own.

Block One
The striped piece in the lower right-hand corner was already quilted. In the first block the back of the block is just one plain piece of fabric.

Block Two
Again the striped triangle was already quilted, but this time I figured out how to expose the quilted back, of the previously quilted triangle as well......

Block Two (back)

Block Three

Block Three (back)

Block Four
I used a different method for exposing the previously quilted triangle here....this one works, but is a little more convoluted. 

Block Four (back)

Block Five
I just have a plain back here.....this was before I figured out how to expose the back, of the previously inset quilted piece.

Block Six.... still in process
Again the back is plain.

The slicing and ripping out, multiple times, can be a painful experience.....but the resulting solutions are often gold. 

That's something I have to keep reminding myself of, throughout the process.

Monday, July 7, 2014

One Step Forward.....Two Steps Back

Sometimes....quite often actually, it's one step forward then two steps (or maybe even several) steps back, when working improv. Well, that was the way of it, for me today. It all started on Saturday.....

 I was in a mood....rotary cutters and moods just might be a lethal combination!!!! You guessed it, I started slicing!!! 

And slicing some more....with gusto, I might add!!

 And then it was project was in pieces!!! Later that day I read a beautiful post by Diane of O'Quilts and thought yes, there is anger in grief. 

In a much calmer state, two days later.....I naively thought, I will just pick up these beautiful pieces and put them in a nice calm background and that will be the end of it. The pieces will be picked up and put back together, hopefully creating something beautiful.

I'm testing out or trying to develop some ways to set quilted pieces into backgrounds.....more on that later.

Here's me calmly playing....

 Things are working out rather well....

Along the way, I modified the method slightly, making things simpler and faster.....and then, I hated it. Oh, Oh, me and my rotary cutter.....well, I imagine you know the rest. 
Yup, everything in pieces on the ground. 

Then it came to me....when something is cut or broken in pieces, whether it be your quilt or something else, it's just not a matter of putting it back on a calm background....things might just be a little more complex than that....and not all that calm.

Hmm....with that thought in mind, I'll be trying something else. 

P.S. All was not lost, my QAYG method development is coming along nicely. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Where Do Your Quilts Come From?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? Where do my quilts come from??

 For me, they come from many places. Sometimes I create a quilt out of necessity....a baby quilt for example. I need a gift and I make one. Other times a piece of fabric sets my creative juices in motion. But lately, some of my quilts have been coming from a deeper place.....from an emotional place if you will.

All these pieces are leftover from another project I started a few years ago. 

As you can see, that particular project is still a Work In Progress....but no matter, I try to keep my studio a guilt free zone. 

I'm also working on a few other Quilt As You Go techniques......sometimes just playing with different techniques brings some of my quilts into being.

It's rare for me to have a name for a quilt so early on but this quilt is called....PICKING UP THE PIECES.
Not all that original, but oh so relevant......

Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Quilters like to Start them Young

I really haven't got much quilting done.....okay I haven't gotten any quilting done in the last few weeks. I did manage to move a few things around. But, just because I didn't do anything doesn't mean one of my little granddaughters didn't.

She got braver and added a step stool....

Then she just threw all caution to the wind and climbed the ladder!!

And if that was't enough to melt my heart......

Another little "Artist in the Making" came to spend the day with her Grandma.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Somewhat of a Blur

The last seven or eight weeks have been somewhat of a blur for me. After my Mom's death on Easter Sunday, there was the flurry of planning a funeral and taking care of all the details of loosing a loved one.

 Shortly after that it was off to Victoria....then to Seattle....back to Victoria.

Then off to Vancouver where I was teaching a Quilt as You Go workshop....what a fabulous group of quilters!!!

Then off to Montreal for Jessica's graduation.

 I'm so proud of my beautiful girl....she received her Masters in Educational Technology

After a whirlwind of activity and spectacular weather.....back to Alberta.

My husband is off on business and sailing for the next ten days or so.....and you know what that means!!!! Time for quilting!!! 

In all honesty, in the midst of all the activity, my heart is heavy with comes in waves and abates only to come again. The stillness of my studio is calling.....

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Creative What?????

So...we are sitting on the ferry to Vancouver this morning and I am calmly reading a quilting magazine, like any other good traveling quilter does. The calm part doesn't last long and suddenly I'm in the throws of quilterly excitement as ideas start bouncing around my brain...Ah!!! Yes!!! That's It!!! My husband looks over at me in and says "It sounds like you are having an orgasm!!" I just about fell off my seat laughing....yes, yes, yes I manage to gasp I'm having a "Creative Orgasm"!! Joy just sort of bubbled over after that.......I needed that belly laugh, and a "Creative Ogasm" on top of it. YES! YES! Good thing that happened before we got out of the car....I might just have made a spectacle of myself.

Now, I'm just in the right frame of mind to teach my "Creating Large Working Small" worshop.

Drinking in Vancouver's Beauty did me a world of good as well. 

I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with Vancouver's Modern Quilt Guild....I'll keep you posted.


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