Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Little Curved Piecing

Just Playing around with a little curved piecing. 

Just look at all the colours I have to choose from.

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Bit of a Puzzle

It going to be a bit of a puzzle, putting together all of these amazing Free Bee Blocks. Since each of the blocks are so different and yet they all seem to work together....I've decided to Quilt As You Go (no surprise there, right). 

All the blocks are sandwiched, four are completely quilted, and several are partially quilted. 


I do believe I'm going to end up with one amazing quilt!!!! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

An almost Finish

I think I can I think I can, aw...I can't. I'm sewing as I pack and thought just maybe I could finish but not quite.
 All sewn together
Since it's going to be a wall hanging....I need a quick way to cover all those seams. 
That works 
Now to do a facing type binding....I didn't want a regular binding on this piece. 
 A little pressing
 A little stay stitching....just like when sewing facings in dress making.

Time to go to the airport.
Look at all the leftovers...just what can I do with those???

Friday, March 15, 2013

Featured on The Needle & Thread Network

I'm being featured today on The Needle and Thread Network today.

Since blog buttons and I don't get can check it out right here.
And once again, to the Needle and Thread Network itself, thank you for thinking of me.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lessons Learned.....while quilting

As I'm spiraling away, I always get to thinking....... now that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the day. Lesson one, whatever fabric we cut, can be sewn back together. After all, we are doing patchwork, what's an extra seam, here or there?? And if we are doing improv, heck, we can be fearless.

 I'm really am fearless....when it comes to my fabric (most of the time), but not so much in real life. My family will attest....I'm rather a ninny (their word). I don't like speed or risk....the minute I became a mother, at the age of twenty one, self preservation became of utmost priority!! I had to stay safe for my child, now I digress.

When I pull out my fabric, I can slice it, dice it, and slice it again....and if I still don't like it I can throw it in the corner until tomorrow.
 Still spiraling.....still thinking
Lesson two, let it simmer.

I have no idea where this is going....but that's alright. I can put it on my design wall and let it simmer, move it all around and let it simmer some more. I don't have to have all the answers, I can take the time to process.

In real life, I don't always let things process or simmer enough.  I'm the "Let's get it all out on the table" type and of course, it goes without saying...... I'm married to the "Let things unfold as they unfold" type. opposites always attract???

So where am I going with all this?? Simply this... words spoken cannot so easily be taken back and feelings hurt cannot simply be sewn back together. Also, taking time to process and letting things simmer or to quote my husband "Letting things unfold as they unfold" often avoids those hurts in the first place.

As I was reading the different blog posts, regarding the judges comments on peoples' work, I was saddened to hear how devastated some of you were. One commenter stood out to me, as they mentioned some of the blog posts criticizing the judging at Quilt Con.  As you know, I wrote about my own feelings, on that topic.  Some of the criticisms of the judging and possibly (very likely) my own critique, diminished some of the pleasure in their winning. It did not occur to me that perhaps my own words would shake the confidence of another should have.

I am so sorry, if anyone reading my words felt "less deserving" as a result. If I would have waited longer  and processed more I might have avoided hurting some of you. Please forgive me if I caused you to question or if I diminished your wonderful moment in any way.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Wall Hanging...Perhaps??

Another day, another spiral....... 
 A different way of joining???......Just maybe.

 Testing the free motion, on the new machine...
It stitches without  a glitch.....
And of course....enjoying spring.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quilting Research Study

My Daughter, Jessica, is working on a Quilting Research Study for her Master's Degree in Educational Technology. You've probably heard me mention Jessica before or perhaps recognize the quilt in the photo, which now lives with her. 

Jessica is looking for participants.....

If you are interested just contact Jessica directly...her info is on the brochure.

NOTE: I've closed the comment section, because I'm delighted to say, Jessica has received enough interest in the project, to meet her needs, at the moment.

Thank you so much

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ah....Testing the New Machine

 I decided to give myself a little play time with the new machine.
I'm loving it. 
After customizing (taking the slow start off the foot pedal) I was spiraling away in no time. 

So nice to have a thread cutter where the needle doesn't unthread every time I use it.
I love having a little order back in the sewing room.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back at the Coast....with my Janome under my arm.

After flying home, with my new Janome (Quilt Con).....I quickly packed her back up (I couldn't resist unpacking her) and flew to the West Coast.
And there she sits, I can't wait to fire her up.
 Funny, how I can turn my neatly organized studio into a complete mess by making one small change...Okay, Okay, not really so small.
 Back tracking....there she sits amonst my mess on the floor....I decided to pop out and buy a table I could sink her into (thanks for that idea, Leanne). So wonderful, but where do I put that?
We also exchanged the sofa bed for a Murphy much more comfortable. My husband took care of all that while I was in, more organization required. 
Hmm, so where does the Pfaff go now? 
I make myself crazy, as I move everything around dozens of times, in dozens of combinations.
Things to Consider
  • Work flow
  • Design wall
  • Lighting
  • Electical Outlets
  • Storage
  • Windows
  • Traffic flow....really don't want to trip the man as he gets out of bed, so that means moving my cute little book case (darn).
  • And last, but not least, I want it to look good.

As I was buying the table for the Janome.....look what they handed me. Guess where I'm going on Friday??

 Hmm...maybe there are some fellow bloggers, I can connect with.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Online Connection

After yesterday's post, I'm eager to move on to another topic in regards to Quilt Con. Thanks so much for all your are all so supportive!!! Which leads right into today's post:

The Online Connection
So very vibrant and exciting...... I was not prepared and even a little nervous about meeting fellow bloggers and quilters.....I need not have been.

I don't believe I ate a single lunch alone.....the "come and join us" atmosphere permeated the event. The discussions were lively and thought provoking. Meeting so many of you was definitely a highlight for me.

Let me share a little more about my fabulous time in photos.

 Note the quilterly decor in the Convention appropriate.
Starting off with a good laugh....this was in our goody bags we received at registration.
There's Leanne hiding behind her bag.

Quilt Con 2013

The result of day of dyeing with Malka...
Hanging out with wonderful. I spent some fabulous, quality time with Beth and Chawne...unfortunately I didn't get Beth's photo. You know, too busy talking.
Taking a class with Yoshiko Jinzenji.....the quilt in the photo, is actually QAYG
Always fun chatting with Cheryl.... I discovered, not only do we live the same province, but she actually grew up, in the same small city, that I have lived in for the past thirty some years.

Quilt Con 2013
Leanne and Cheryl in awe of Yoshiko's work....but there's always time for a photo shoot.

Meeting Jacquie was definitely a highlight for me.....She is so warm and inviting, I felt as if I had known her for years.
I also took a class on hand applique from Debbie, so much fun meeting her, I love her style.  I ended up doing everything by lazy is that.
I met so many interesting people in the class, but forgot to take photos, again, to busy talking (that seems to be a running theme with me)
My purse is full of cards from wonderful people I met and I plan to find some time to go through them all and hunt them down.
Seriously, the connection was simply amazing.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Clearly, I Must be Confused

Quilt Con was an amazing experience and as I mentioned previously, there was a lot to process. I am hoping that you are not wanting the sugar coated version of my experience, but my personal, heartfelt opinion.

I didn't take all that many photos of the quilts (too busy taking it all in) but here are just a few favorites of amazing to see these in real life.

Anne's Quilt

Kati's Quilt

Dan's Quilt

Leanne's Quilt

Chawne's Quilt

Here comes the confusing part:

I struggled each day, as I walked through the quilt show. The quilts ranged from exquisite, powerful, playful, beautiful and amazing, to mediocre and all the way to "how did this even get in here??".

The judging of the quilts was the main source of my confusion. At times, I feel they were dead on and other times I can't  believe what was overlooked and what was chosen. The juried quilts and the quilts for exhibit  were mixed together contributing to the confusion...especially if one is not familiar with some of the more well known quilters and their work.
  • Some of the quilts just did not fit their categories all that well.
  • One of the "buzz" words seems to be the term "Negative Space"....if you have that, you're in, even if it is not all that effectively executed. 
  • Originality did not seem to be rated of high importance.
  • Some of the workmanship was perhaps not quite as high as I believe it should be.
  • There was quite range of quilting...I felt some were under-quilted and I actually felt some were over quilted giving them a very ornate look. Of course, many were beautifully quilted and some were just plain poorly quilted.
  • Many were more traditional than I expected.
  • Some were powerful and thought provoking.
  • Some were a little controversial...making me think, if we can be that way in our quilting perhaps we can be that way in our blogging.
Detail of Colour Shot
In the belief of full disclosure....the fact that Colour Shot was not accepted into the show was a bigger struggle for me, than I had anticipated. It actually hurt, because it felt unfair. In my eyes, it clearly fit all the criteria of being a modern quilt.....but clearly, I must be confused. (I know, I know...I really need to let this go)

More on the classes, the lectures and the wonderful fellow quilters to come.


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