Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013......a bit of a ROLLER COASTER RIDE

As I reflect over the past year, the words UNEXPECTED, CHANGE, TRANSITION and LOSS come to mind. Blogging is a bit like keeping a journal, something I have never had any success at, in the past. So, to realize I have been consistently blogging for the past three years is exciting. It's wonderful to be able to look back over the last years...lest I forget things, which I have been known to do on occasion, alright on a regular basis.

First things first, in the year 2012, I was shocked to discover only one quilt finish....I made a conscious decision to change that.

I'm pleased to report SEVEN finishes in the year 2013!!!!

Entering Ripple Effect II in the Modern Quilt Challenge and having it win first place in the Piecing Category was definitely a highlight. Having my quilt travel for a year is the icing on the cake......I do love my icing!!! 

An unexpected request, from Meander publishing, to write a two part article on Quilt-As-You-Go proved to be rather challenging as I had to do my own photography as well, but seeing my work published....so rewarding.

 Another unexpected call led to Aura I  featured in the Limelight section of Modern Quilts Unlimited. I was actually standing in Staples getting Ripple Effect II ready for mailing, when my cell phone rang. Next thing I knew, I was off doing a photo shoot at Beacon Hill Park.

Having Colour Shot in Amy Ellis's article, in Modern Patchwork, was another lovely surprise. I ordered the magazine not realizing it was in there....so yes I admit....... it sort of really made my day!!!
So glad Leanne talked me into going to Quilt Con!!!!!!! 

Teaching at my first retreat.......an amazing experience for me, with a retreat recap still to come.

Moving.....which occurred a few days after the retreat, crazy times!!! 

I actually learned to love leeches .......now that is UNEXPECTED. 

My son experienced loss, but I'm so happy to report he has not lost his positive spirit.......a hero in my eyes. Love you, Mark!!!!

Speaking of loss.......I'm forty pounds down since last year at this time, and my knees are thanking me!!

It's been a year of ups and downs....I hit my sixtieth birthday and my fortieth wedding anniversary, milestones indeed. Some days the roller coaster ride left me reeling......did I mention I'm not particularly fond of roller coasters?? So in the midst of personal triumph, there have been tears as well........my hope is to find  creative inspiration in both.

Here's to a wonderful New Year


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

 With so many other things calling my attention, Christmas sort of crept up on me this year. My kids from Montreal arrived yesterday and suddenly it's Christmas Eve. A cookie bake with two three-year-olds and two one-year-olds playing in the back ground, set the pace for the festivities of the next few days.

The Cookie Bake.
 I even managed a solitary walk this afternoon.  So peaceful, sort of the calm before the storm.

Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Enough with the Moving and Unpacking!!!!

It's official, I'm taking a break from anything moving and unpacking related!!! And that's final!!!! As long as the main living spaces of the house are livable, I'm good for now. 
 As you can see....things are starting to shape up for now. Aren't those those the most amazing, adjustable stools I just "happened on" the other day!! It's incredible what one can find at Homesense. 
A new round table for the kitchen. 
 The living room is coming along as well....the old furniture went downstairs and off we went furniture shopping.
 Some new, modern type, french doors seem to give the place a little more updated feel.....eleven new doors later!!! 
Yikes, we are a little out of control, but trust me they were a really good deal that my husband "happened on". I'm not the only crazy shopper in this household.
 The upstairs furniture is working rather nicely downstairs.
As you can see, Christmas is just around the corner, so it's time to focus on that for now. 

I've been so busy this year I haven't had time to turn GRUMPY or WOBBLE this Christmas..... or maybe I'm just turning over a a new leaf. 

Plenty has been unpacked, but trust me there is still much to be done. I'm leaving it for January!!!!

I've missed the hum of my sewing machine these past months, but it's a great reminder of how much I love it.
Now that I've officially stopped unpacking, I might have a little more blogging time as well. 


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