Monday, December 22, 2014

I had an Epiphany

Sometimes we dream......
We dream of all the quilts we would create if only REAL LIFE......yes, if only REAL LIFE wouldn't get in the way!!! 

I'm not going to have a lot quilts to show for 2014 when I sit down to write my New Year's blog post this year. REAL LIFE just kept getting the way. Pondering this thought is when I had my epiphany......

It's out of life that quilts flow.

Lots of tears flowed as I created "Shifting Impressions".

There was rage in my grief, as I slashed a quilt and then started "Picking up the Pieces".

But in the midst of one's difficulties there is usually some sunshine. 

My four, precious rays of sunshine were very involved in the Christmas Cookie Bake....after the house was clean and ready for Christmas (you think I would know better!!!!).

After layer upon layer of icing....
Would you look at that spectacular batch of cookies!!! (gingerbread monsters...according to my grandson)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Cork Floors are In!!!!

Renovating during the Christmas season....hmm!!! One probably needs to have their head examined but, MY CORK FLOORS FOR THE STUDIO ARE IN!!!!

We had trouble nailing down an installation date for the cork floors, for the studio and guest room downstairs but they are in and soooo worth it!!!

Below are a few quick before and after shots.  The lighting isn't great, but it will have to do for now

 So exciting seeing the carpet being removed!!!!

 There we are, we still need baseboards and a fresh coat of paint.....

 Check out my new sleek, modern computer desk.....and that chair, so comfortable and modern to boot (what more could one ask for???).

 My studio doubles as a family it's the perfect spot for the tree.

One more shot of those fabulous floors!!!!

Why cork, some of you might ask. Well, cork is easy to care for and much easier on the back and feet, if you are standing for long periods of time. Also, no more ugly plastic mats under my rolling chairs (gotta love that).

Saturday, December 13, 2014

One out of going to Quilt Con

I thought if I submitted at least three quilts to Quilt Con.....hopefully one would be accepted. And there you have it one was. The quilt I was really wanting to going!!!! I haven't shared this quilt on my blog to date, as I was testing one of the scores in Sherri Lynn Wood's upcoming book "The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters".

I loved making this quilt and my only regret was being unable to share my process with you, along the way. But rest assured I took plenty of pictures throughout. Today I will just give you a couple of photos, but there will be some process posts coming up.

Shifting Impressions

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Cork has arrived/Studio Reno

After living in studio limbo for several new cork floors for the studio are here. The carpet is being ripped out as we speak. Anyone that has as much sewing paraphernalia as I have knows that  clearing everything out can be something of a nightmare!!!! Throw in Christmas and a houseguest.....well, I'm in a bit of a tizzy, to say the least!!! 

There it is......soooo exciting!!!!

Let's get that carpet out of there!!!!!

My husband installed a fancy electric fireplace and hung the TV......good times ahead!!!! 
I'll keep you posted!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Sort of Lost My Blogging Mojo

but never fear..... I haven't lost my quilting mojo!!!

Life has a way.....but I'll catch you up on what's been going on in my world.

I finished making a quilt for my little great niece, Abigail, using workshop demo blocks. I love the bright colours and guess what???? Abigail's room is painted purple....what a wonderful coincidence!!!

 Abigail's Quilt (front)

Abigail's Quilt (back)
In September, I did a two day workshop for my guild, the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild.
As you can see.... lots of "Wonky Curves" happening.

 Gwen's wonderful blocks....she's looking happy!!!
 Heather....isn't that lovely!

Would you look at the wonderful quilting, on these fabulous blocks!!!
Good times! Wendy did such a fabulous job planning our first workshop and she even managed to find a venue less than 10 minutes from home. Thanks Wendy!!!!
With that workshop completed, I had to prepare for my upcoming workshop in Whistler. Since all my demo blocks were gone....time to make more.
I decided I would make several wonky curved blocks in two different sizes....naturally I got carried away!!!!
Then off to Whistler....this was the view from the hotel room!!!

 Soooo beautiful!!!!
 Such a fabulous room....look at those high ceilings, and there was a whole wall of windows with a lovely view!!! 

I did a trunk show on Friday evening and a two day work shop after that. The ladies were so friendly and welcoming....I had a wonderful time!!!
Below is some of the incredible work that came out of the workshop....I love watching as everyone's work starts to come alive!

Thank you for letting me share my process with you. I was thrilled at all the creativity sizzling in the room. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Little Carried Away

I got a little carried away making wonky curved piecing blocks for an upcoming workshop in Whistler, at the end of the month. I know I've been sort of missing in action, the last little while. So losing myself in these demo blocks today, was pure delight!!!

These Grunge fabrics by Moda are pure delight. I'm using layer cake sized squares (10 inches) rather than the 20 inch blocks I usually start with, because I want smaller blocks to demo.

Some upcoming renovations should just add to the chaos that has been my life lately..... cork floors in my studio will be fabulous. Yes I will be craziness but sooooo worth it.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Quilt From "Demo Blocks"

Every time I demo QAYG techniques, I'm left with lots of lovely quilted blocks. Last October, I came up with the bright idea of using colours that work together so that eventually, I would end up with a finished quilt....all be it a mixed bag of QAYG techniques. I am of the school of thought that mixing several techniques adds interest to the quilt.

As these blocks were created rather quickly....(during the workshops or demo, improv is the way to go). I used the following techniques (Just look under tutorials at the top of the page for tutorials on all the different techniques):
  • Stitch 'n Flip
  • QAYG Borders
  • Joining with Wide Strips
  • Joining with Narrow Strips
  • Spiral Quilting
So, four or five separate demos later.....I have enough to make a baby quilt.

 Quilt Back....
 Joining the rows...
So much easier with a little Elmer's Glue

And, I have a lovely little great niece to give this quilt to.....

Friday, August 22, 2014

Simple Techniques / Complex Results

I thought I would give you a little update on my "Picking up the Pieces" quilt.

 Sometimes a combination of simple techniques can result in fairly complex results......or am I just kidding myself and it looks like a complicated mess. I'm not sure yet.

 I have one more row of blocks to add...

 Here is a detail shot.....

 Even the back looks a little....well, I'm not sure what it looks like.

 Joining the rows...

Another quick shot of the quilt back.

I'm off to the coast tomorrow so finishing this one will have to wait until I get back. I'm so looking forward some walks along the water!!


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