Friday, December 19, 2014

The Cork Floors are In!!!!

Renovating during the Christmas season....hmm!!! One probably needs to have their head examined but, MY CORK FLOORS FOR THE STUDIO ARE IN!!!!

We had trouble nailing down an installation date for the cork floors, for the studio and guest room downstairs but they are in and soooo worth it!!!

Below are a few quick before and after shots.  The lighting isn't great, but it will have to do for now

 So exciting seeing the carpet being removed!!!!

 There we are, we still need baseboards and a fresh coat of paint.....

 Check out my new sleek, modern computer desk.....and that chair, so comfortable and modern to boot (what more could one ask for???).

 My studio doubles as a family it's the perfect spot for the tree.

One more shot of those fabulous floors!!!!

Why cork, some of you might ask. Well, cork is easy to care for and much easier on the back and feet, if you are standing for long periods of time. Also, no more ugly plastic mats under my rolling chairs (gotta love that).


  1. The floor is fantastic! And that rug is SO you! It's perfect with your quilts. Love the painting over the back of the sofa too.

  2. The whole room looks wonderful!

  3. I have cork floors in my studio and I love them. We had a leak that required the walls to be repaired and I just had them replace the crappy carpet at the same time. You will not regret it! I like the look of yours. I didn't see anything like that when I did mine several years ago.

  4. I have experienced the excitement myself (oak floors). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  5. Beautiful space. What a nice Christmas present.

  6. The floors look beautiful! And I agree with one of the previous comments -- when we looked for cork floors for our kitchen a few years ago (about 4 yrs?) there were not such lovely options! Enjoy!

  7. Your home looks so inviting, and the cork floor is fabulous. I've had cork in my kitchen and bath for many years and it's just the best. Merry Christmas, and I'm looking forward to seeing more amazing work coming out of your studio!

  8. Love the cork floors. they are beautiful as is your home. Too bad though the carpeting didn't look in bad shape. Hope you could salvage them.


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