Saturday, November 23, 2013


A few hours ago I was a tad several hours later I'm seriously overwhelmed, but progress is being made!!!! 
Last week the unfinished part of my basement was finally dry walled and painted.....time to go shopping for shelving. 
Did I mention I'm a storage junkie??? After the shelves were up I was chaffing at the bit to start unpacking, but alas, the floor still needed painting.

Ah....the painting has begun!!!
 I love my golden coloured floor and even the quilting frame, for the
long arm is set exciting!!!!

Now for the overwhelming part.....yikes, that's just some of the boxes!!!

Seriously....this could take a while. Unfortunately there won't be any quilting, until order is restored.....I'm really missing it. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creating Some Calm in the Storm

 Here's one last look, at the view, from my son's hospital window (rather a quilt worthy view, in my opinion). I'm happy to report he came home on Friday and is doing really well. We even managed a family outing to Ikea over the weekend....that alone should tell you how things are going, 

Thank you so much, for your kind word, thoughts and means so much!! 
 Meanwhile we've been trying to create a little bit of calm in the midst of the chaos. After all one does need their computer!!
 And perhaps a sewing machine or two.....just perhaps.

Yup....there's the cutting table. Are you wondering what's up with all the plastic??

The basement has approximately 700 hundred square feet of unfinished space, besides the finished part. Unfortunately there are no windows in that area. So just what does a quilter do with a black hole of that magnitude??

Cut a door of course....and let the light from the patio doors shine in!!!!! We'll be putting in a french door.

Put up some drywall, add some lighting and electrical sockets, paint the floor.....and I will have more storage than I have ever had and a spot for the long arm.

 Of course this is rather a slow process and dusty to say the least.

Meanwhile, upstairs is becoming a little more orderly.
Slowly but surely things are coming together. 

I've even created a temporary closet until I can get around to ordering an Ikea system.

Lest you think things are under control.....remember this room, yup it is still piled high to the ceiling!!

Once again, thank you for all your wonderful comments and emails, I tried to answer as many as I could....a few might have slipped through the cracks.....your support as ever, means so much.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Leech Therapy...the Beauty of the Leech

 I have always found leeches to particularly gruesome....NOT ANYMORE!!! 

My amazing son had an accident with a saw.....several severed fingers later, we find ourselves embracing the beauty of the leech. The leeches are placed on the reattached finger every two hours, in order to keep the blood flowing. 

My son took the picture on the left, taking note of the leech's beautiful colours, as it does it's job. Ever the science teacher, he is quite fascinated and ever the artist, I found him sketching leeches on his iPad, with his good hand. 

Watching our son in pain has been extremely difficult but we are so thankful it wasn't any worse and that it's not his primary hand.

Ever the quilter, I went looking for some quilty inspiration in the hospital, as he rested.
My son's strength and humor in this difficult situation is an inspiration to me.....I'm so privileged to be the mother of such an amazing young man. 


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