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I'm the mother of four wonderful, grown children and grandmother to two beautiful baby girls. I am also married to a saint of a man, who, when asked if he minds my fabric obsession,  just shrugs and says he doesn't want to know what goes on "down there".      
I have been sewing most of my life, or so it seems. I bought my first sewing machine, as soon as I got home from my honeymoon....does that tell you anything? I was raised in a very creative home.  My Mom took her very large weaving loom to the retirement home.  It's all in the genes..I'm not going anywhere without my sewing machine or should I say machines.

Things I love
  • above all colour ...it calls my name (my youngest asked me the other day, if maybe I should try making a monochromatic quilt, my head hurts just thinking about it but...you never know).
  • texture, shapes, repetition and rhythm.
  • beauty in nature.   
  • researching methods...is there and easier and faster way is usually my first question.        
  • learning from books...I haven't taken any quilting classes yet...but who knows
  • I love my quilting friends (Blockheads we call ourselves)                                                      
To Blog or Not to Blog?  is the title of my first post (December 2010) That question had been running through my head for weeks. I was suddenly and still am spending more time in front of the computer then in front of my sewing machine? It started innocently enough. In one word FLICKR!!!! Need I say more?? I had no idea, there was such a vast subculture of online quilters out there. To make a long story short I discovered something wonderful...I love the interaction of so many quilters.  Seeing your work, admiring your work and sharing mine with you. I value your comments, you are all so positive and encouraging (funny too..I love funny).

I would love to hear from you.


First Year Blog Report
Here's a little update of how things have been progressing since I started the blog in December 2010.

FEATURED on Modern Day Quilts and again on Modern Day Quilts.

RECEIVED the Liebster Award here and again  here .
 Guest Post over at Lily's Quilts
Guest Post over at Lily's Quilts

I am finding the online quilting community a very positive and inspirational place to be....and of course lots of laughs.


  1. OK Marianne,
    I am suddenly a fan. I found you on Flickr and came here to your site and see you are quilting as you go. I wondered if you had a post showing that process? I am guessing the sashing strips connect the already quilted blocks and then what are you doing on the back and is there any hand stitching involved? (what a long sentence).I especially love QAYG Improvised 2011, if that is the name. Super!
    Your work is wonderful and the colors are GREAT. I have already saved several of your quilts in my 'Fave Quilts' file.

  2. Hi Marianne,

    I too, discovered your work on flickr and it totally struck a note with my style. You create beautiful quilts. I just love your ruthless riot of colour. Stunning stuff. I'm moved to Vancouver recently, but lived in Sherwood Park for 5 years...we're hoping to move back again in the near future. We miss it so much! Can't wait to see more of your work...I'm following along now.

  3. I am thrilled to discover you. What a wonderful blog and fantastic quilts. You are quite amazing.

  4. Thanks Mary...I wandered over to your blog and was blown away...I hit the follow button after the first minute.

    1. H Mari, I just had a most excited phone call from my friend Julia telling me to look at your blog - she is the lady who designs the lovely Oakshott colours, Michael's Mother!! Such fantastic quilts!
      Would you mind if I printed some of your quilt photos to show some students? I am teaching Curved Piecing to some fairly novice quilters later this month and would love to show them where the ideas might go. They are not all computer literate!

    2. Hi Heather
      I just received a wonderful email from Julia myself....it was so great hearing from her.

      Yes go ahead, Heather. Thanks for taking the time to ask. Have a great class.

  5. hi there. Just found your blog. What really caught my eye was your photo of windows from the palais de congres in Montreal. Are you from Montreal or did you visit?

    I like what I see so far. Have fun with your quilting and your blog.

  6. Hi Marijke, I live in Alberta but my daughter lives in Montreal. I just couldn't resist getting my husband to take that picture, when we were there last Thanksgiving. What a beautiful city, it was my first time there. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Just found your blog via the Red Pepper Quilts blog list. Your work is wonderful. I am inspired to try QAYG and just ordered one of the books you mentioned. One question - what kind of thread do you use to do your quilting? It looks heavier than regular thread. Quilt on - your blog is full of inspiration!

  8. Hi Char
    My favourite quilting thread is by Valdani...I'll put a picture of it on my next post.

  9. Hi Marianne,
    Thanks for the info about thread. Valdani thread looks gorgeous. I can't get it locally so I'll have to order some online to try out.
    I'm obsessed with circles and you mentioned in one of your posts that you would blog about your favorite ways to make circles. I would love to know!

  10. Hi Char
    That is my plan, but I haven't done it yet. If there is a particular project with circles that you have questions about, feel free to send me an email and If I can give you a hand or give you a list of books I will.

  11. Marianne,

    Do you do commission work? I could not find any email address on your blog, so this was the only way I could think of to contact you.

    Patsy Thompson

  12. Marianne, I love circles too! Love what you are doing. Many, Many years ago my aunt made me a QAYG quilt and she learned from her aunt. They sewed the back blocks together by hand. But it still keeps me warm during the winter. Love your modern designs. I found you from Melody Johnson.

    Thank you for sharing! Kathy

  13. Hi
    I also think what you are doing is great!
    I have just completesd a QAYG following your blog
    And I have to say I loved it I also live in Alberta - Calgary and have been thinking very seriously about starting a blog - the only thing holding me back is like yours there are solo loop many awesome blogs out there!
    Thanks for the inspiration

  14. Thanks so much....I'll thank you here, since you are set at no-reply. I'm glad you enjoyed the QAYG tutorial. Blogging is a wonderful experience...I'm glad I gave it a try. I wouldn't worry to much about the other blogs, just be yourself and blog about your quilting life..... you'll probably love it.

  15. Marianne -

    I am starting a QAYG quilt and plan to use the narrow connector strip method that I read about here on your blog. I would like to link back to your blog - please let me know if that's OK. I still have great plans to make your version of the ticker tape quilt - but I need to finish this first :)

    Thanks so much for all you do! All the best - Chris

  16. Marie Hartman MisgenJanuary 26, 2012 at 3:02 AM

    Love your blog, and you are right, spending way too much time in front of the computer instead of my beloved sewing machine! How do you
    do all that you do ?!# Well just keep it up !#
    My Highest Regards, Marie

  17. Love your Colour shot, do you have a pattern for it?
    Michelle in Colorado

    1. Thanks so much....no pattern though, this was completely improv. I didn't even make a sketch, it's how I love to work best.

  18. Thank you for your wonderful QAYG tutorials. I've made one and it was so much fun. My step daughter, for whom it was made, now thinks I'm wonderful. Ha Ha! You're a master of color and design.

  19. Thanks so much....So glad to help.

  20. Mari,
    Love your designs. Inspiring. Thinking of buying a friend's Bernina 440 QE and noticed that you had one in a photo. I assume you are quite familiar with that model. Thoughts on it? I have a Bernina 153 QE and am a beginner quilter.

    Thank you for your insight.

    1. Hi Holley
      I love my Bernina...it's the machine I use the most. It's quite heavy, so not great for taking places. It's a wonderful machine, the walking foot on it works really well, it's made especially by Bernina for the Bernina,rather than the generic walking foot many machines have.

      It also has the free motion foot with sensor cruise control built in...I'm away from home at the moment so I can't remember exactly what that was called but that's really helpful for learning Free Motion quilting.

      I really love my Bernina...

      I hope that helps.

  21. Hi Pat Merkle at Color Me Quilty mentioned you to me, I took a quick look around and knew I needed to follow your blog!

  22. Love your blog, love your quilts!

  23. Hi Marianne. I am in love with your Circles for Paige quilt, right down the fabric that used for the circles. I am wondering if you'd be so kind as to share the name/design of the fabric? I did try and contact you as soon as I saw this in my Fons & Porter magazine but I don't think my attempt was successful. Thank you so much and keep up the GREAT work on your blog! It is truly inspiring for a want-to-be quilter like me! Have a GREAT day!

  24. Thanks so much Carrie. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I used a bit of a mixed bag when making Paige's quilt. Two of the fabrics are by Robert Kaufman (Another Iota). I also used a Kaffe Fassett print by Rowan Fabric (Targets. A few of the other prints were exclusive to Fabricland. I don't usually keep track of the different fabric lines since I love nothing better than to mix it up.

    1. Thank you so much! As I began looking for fabric for this project, Robert Kaufman has two prints that I fell in love with and ordered. I have to say, I am so glad you and your Circles for Paige quilt were featured in Fons & Porter; it led me to your blog that is absolutely AMAZING. Thanks for always being inspiring and encouraging to your followers

    2. Thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad you found fabric you love.

  25. I'm loving all the things you do - I just have a question....and I would so appreciate a reply. It's a simple one and I don't know why I just don't "get it" but - when you're doing a QAYG are you quilting with the top fabric onto the batting or all three (top, batting, back) or only doing the quilting design on the top? the top of course really wouldn't make sense to me but I'm wondering about the back. Please, please, don't laugh and give me some insight. Thank you for thinking outside the box. DreamrKate(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  26. Hi Marianne, Love your blog and your quilts. My husband and I are considering retiring and relocating. Since you moved recently, can you share how you have connected with a new group of quilters, quilt shops, etc.? Did you have to shop around to find the right fit and commonality? What sources did you use to find a new quilting community? You reference your MQG but were there other valuable resources or info that helped?

  27. Hello there! I have been following your blog for a few years I just love your style. I am with the Milrise Quilters Guild in Calgary and I am wondering if you would be available for a workshop? Thanks Susan


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