Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Cork has arrived/Studio Reno

After living in studio limbo for several new cork floors for the studio are here. The carpet is being ripped out as we speak. Anyone that has as much sewing paraphernalia as I have knows that  clearing everything out can be something of a nightmare!!!! Throw in Christmas and a houseguest.....well, I'm in a bit of a tizzy, to say the least!!! 

There it is......soooo exciting!!!!

Let's get that carpet out of there!!!!!

My husband installed a fancy electric fireplace and hung the TV......good times ahead!!!! 
I'll keep you posted!!!


  1. Lucky you, it will be cozy and beautiful soon.

  2. Wow! Look at that - this is going to be so neat.

  3. Love the wall with the fireplace and TV! Combined with the sewing, I would NEVER leave the room! Interested in your decision to go with cork on the floor. I am getting a new sewing room and was thinking of a wood floor.

  4. I was about to put what Kathy put - does your husband realize you'll never have a reason to leave the room now?!! He might regret putting that fireplace in...of course you'll still have to come out for food and water occasionally. Although I have found that I often skip meals when I'm really into making something. Enjoy - cork floors are really cool. A sewing room is the perfect place for them.

  5. You will have your own woman cave! I feel your pain with having to move everything out of the room as I just did a garage project where I have to find a home for all the stuff in the garage. The room will be so nice!

  6. good times ahead indeed! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  7. OOooohhh. I am so envious of your space. It will be beautiful!

  8. How exciting. Wish I had the space you have.

  9. Wow!! What an improvement the floor will be :) Love the fireplace!

    Glad you're back :)

  10. So I would NEVER have a fireplace in my sewing room. It's already too hot just having the iron on all the time! There actually was an open fireplace in the room, but I had foam blown into it and covered the opening with a quilt! First of all, just couldn't stand the heat, secondly, I dint think the open fire, sparks, snd smoke would mix well with fabric. But then, I'm always too hot and I love in Kentucky, a fairly warm place - except we do get cold winters (when I turn up the geothermal heat pump and wrap in a quilt.). But I'm very happy for you, looks like a great space!

  11. Hello Mari, I think your cork floor will be so much easier with the cotton threads than carpet. It is looking great so neat. I will be getting an extra 5 to stay over Christmas and I'm sure I will be in a tizz in a week or so too. haha

  12. I love the cork floor in my studio. Easy on the feet and easy to clean. It does, however, fade in sunlight. For me, just part of its charm.

    1. I love that about it as well.....I'm not too worried about the fading.


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