Sunday, March 17, 2013

An almost Finish

I think I can I think I can, aw...I can't. I'm sewing as I pack and thought just maybe I could finish but not quite.
 All sewn together
Since it's going to be a wall hanging....I need a quick way to cover all those seams. 
That works 
Now to do a facing type binding....I didn't want a regular binding on this piece. 
 A little pressing
 A little stay stitching....just like when sewing facings in dress making.

Time to go to the airport.
Look at all the leftovers...just what can I do with those???


  1. You will be back in time to enjoy the inches and inches of show. I love this, it will look stunning on the wall.

  2. A start to a new wall hanging, maybe! Love it all. Beautiful quilting!

  3. It's a work of art so quite appropriate it will hang on a wall. The other pieces could be hung on a wall just as they are hanging on your design wall - your own quilt art installation.

  4. That is so georgeous, the colours and shapes and flowing quilting - Amazing. As to the leftovers I imagine they are a bit like a ginger beer plant or sourdough starter , they will just grow into another magical creation

    1. Thanks, Pauline. I'm sure they'll turn into something.

  5. The lining is a great solution to the no-connector strip assembly. I like the added dimension of the sections, formed by the seams. Fabu!

  6. I haven't been following you for long, but I've been wondering how you connect your sections. If you're planning on using something any way besides as a wall hanging, how do you do it? Have you done a post on that sometime previously that you can point me to? I'm so impressed with your work. I especially love your gradated fabrics and the way you slash them. Just fabulous!

  7. That is one amazing quilt! I'm going to have to go back and see exactly how you did that...

  8. My question is the same as Barbie's. What if it was not wall hanging, what would you do with covering those open seams?!


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