Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ah....Testing the New Machine

 I decided to give myself a little play time with the new machine.
I'm loving it. 
After customizing (taking the slow start off the foot pedal) I was spiraling away in no time. 

So nice to have a thread cutter where the needle doesn't unthread every time I use it.
I love having a little order back in the sewing room.


  1. You can do that (customize the slow start)??? I have to read my manual (but it might only be a feature of that model - mine is the 7700 so it's an older model than yours).

  2. Your work is amazing - Spirals are a trick - I used to make lots of kids hats and sprial stitch the brim. It becomes easier with lots of practice!

  3. Such wonderful quilting! Wish I could get a better machine... lol

  4. Love you sewing space

    What brand is the table?


  5. Just wanted to say a great big THANKS for sharing your amazing talent for quilting. I just can't get enough of your quilts. I just love them.

  6. My Pfaff has always unthreaded itself when I use the thread cutter, and about a month ago I started threading the needle with the presser foot UP instead of down. Now the thread cutter works perfectly everytime!

  7. Your blocks are fantastic. I'm always amazed at the graphic design and the quilting you bring to all your work. Having a new machine must be divine. I have a good, but old machine. What can I say, it works but isn't the best for machine quilting. I really need to give your QAYG method a try.

  8. Beautiful work! I must try spiral quilting some time :)

  9. I LOVE your style!!! Beautiful. !!!


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