Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back at the Coast....with my Janome under my arm.

After flying home, with my new Janome (Quilt Con).....I quickly packed her back up (I couldn't resist unpacking her) and flew to the West Coast.
And there she sits, I can't wait to fire her up.
 Funny, how I can turn my neatly organized studio into a complete mess by making one small change...Okay, Okay, not really so small.
 Back tracking....there she sits amonst my mess on the floor....I decided to pop out and buy a table I could sink her into (thanks for that idea, Leanne). So wonderful, but where do I put that?
We also exchanged the sofa bed for a Murphy Bed....so much more comfortable. My husband took care of all that while I was in Austin....so, more organization required. 
Hmm, so where does the Pfaff go now? 
I make myself crazy, as I move everything around dozens of times, in dozens of combinations.
Things to Consider
  • Work flow
  • Design wall
  • Lighting
  • Electical Outlets
  • Storage
  • Windows
  • Traffic flow....really don't want to trip the man as he gets out of bed, so that means moving my cute little book case (darn).
  • And last, but not least, I want it to look good.

As I was buying the table for the Janome.....look what they handed me. Guess where I'm going on Friday??

 Hmm...maybe there are some fellow bloggers, I can connect with.


  1. WOW--actually, Marianne, those are "good" problems huh? I am thinking about having my old Pfaff (mechanical) re-furbished--the timing is ka-flouey! And using it for quilting...but again: like you: space, table etc...fun tho' Julierose

  2. Ooh am going ever so slightly emerald... (well I like to be in trend sometimes!)

  3. Remember that you can always move things to the side when you actually need to use that Murphy bed, it is not always needed. I am glad you got the machine to the coast and also the table, I think you will like it.

  4. I would love to hear your review on the Janome! Enjoy your trip to Victoria!!

  5. ooh, I'd love to meet you in Victoria, but I'm at a retreat with friends near Winnipeg. What kind of table did you buy? i'm in the market for one to fit my Juki.

  6. I have been waffling about going to the sewing show, but I think I should go - I'll be there Friday also. I have a 'twofer the price of one' admission coupon if you would like to help me use it. Let me know your plans if you're interested.

  7. Rearranging the studio - sounds like fun! I've spent countless hours just standing and staring at mine, trying to improve the layout, to no avail. One move always seems to create another bottleneck, so I'm stuck. I hope you have more luck with yours! And enjoy that new machine! Can't wait to hear your opinion!

  8. What fun. Let me just count the times that I have rearranged by studio........ So little space, so many more fabrics to buy.
    Have a great time in Victoria, looking forward to lots more photos. I am off to search for flights so I can come help you carry your camera.

  9. okay, this is not about this post ( although I am a little envious about your new machine) but I just saw the judges picks for QuiltCon. Really?!? I love modern quilts but simplicity is not 'all' what modern quilts are and certainly should not be the only criteria they judge on. Just saying....... yours did not get in and these won the judges awards? So not right!
    I 'm glad I could not go....I would have been so disappointed.

  10. I am looking forward to here of your experience with Janome and would like to know where you found the table for it because I couldn`t find one like this in Germany.
    Designing the sewing room is always stress and lucky time both.
    Regards Ulla from Germany

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I love those quilt/quilt pieces in the background of the first picture. You do such awesome work. I am curious about how you'll like the Janome, too. I sold my Pfaff and want it back so much right now!!! Still have an old crummy Elna. Boo!!! Have fun at the show!

  12. I have one of those tables too, but only use it when I am quilting because of the space it takes up. When I'm not quilting I put a surface on it and use it as an ironing board. I put my ironing board away, but I do have to get it out every week to iron my husband's shirts :)

  13. I don't think I could swap my Pfaff for that Janome... I was happy to come home to my girl.


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