Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Quilters like to Start them Young

I really haven't got much quilting done.....okay I haven't gotten any quilting done in the last few weeks. I did manage to move a few things around. But, just because I didn't do anything doesn't mean one of my little granddaughters didn't.

She got braver and added a step stool....

Then she just threw all caution to the wind and climbed the ladder!!

And if that was't enough to melt my heart......

Another little "Artist in the Making" came to spend the day with her Grandma.


  1. Lucky you sharing with grandchildren is the best***!

  2. My granddaughter also loves my design wall! I let her pin which makes her feel super grown up!

  3. My grandson (6 yrs. old) loves my sewing room. The sewing machine is fascinating to him. It has speed, precision - which he loves to try to attain, and an element of danger - don't get your finger under the needle. So far he is not designing, but wants to make his sister a doll quilt for Christmas. We'll work on that when he can take some time off from farming with grandpa. Tractors are another fascination....

    1. My little grandson (2 yrs) is a force to be reckoned with....I'll be keeping him away from the machines for a while.

  4. They're darling! The sewing machine can wait.

  5. Mine is arriving this weekend. I'll have to turn her loose on my design wall and see what she creates!

  6. She's going to be a great quilter!

  7. Not trying to rush my two into growing up, but also looking forward to the pleasure of grandchildren some day. Enjoy!

  8. There is nothing like it when the little one explore with our 'stuff'!!! What memories you and they will have!!

  9. So wonderful!!! Just love the next generation sewing:)

  10. It's so fun to work with our children, nieces and nephews, etc! Mine all love to come over and make something or just play with fabric on the design wall. Once my 5-year-old niece came over and spent time with me, and put up an entire wall of fabric! When her mother came to get her, she showed it to her and said "I'm a designer!" So cute!

  11. I think those little ones may be the best medicine!

    Thank you for sharing and providing me with my daily smile

  12. She takes after her Grandma. Nice to see a young one at work. Enjoy them grandkids they are the best.

  13. Darling post about your granddaughter. She came to help in Grandma's healing process. After the loss of my mom I went to my studio and let my creativity work to find peace and solace. My husband said I did more crying that stitching, but it worked. Mom was a quilter also and I could feel her presence.

  14. so did you sew her design up and make her a quilt!
    that is the cutest blog post! thanks for sharing your day with us.
    she is just adorable and bet she just had so much fun


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