Friday, July 4, 2014

Where Do Your Quilts Come From?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? Where do my quilts come from??

 For me, they come from many places. Sometimes I create a quilt out of necessity....a baby quilt for example. I need a gift and I make one. Other times a piece of fabric sets my creative juices in motion. But lately, some of my quilts have been coming from a deeper place.....from an emotional place if you will.

All these pieces are leftover from another project I started a few years ago. 

As you can see, that particular project is still a Work In Progress....but no matter, I try to keep my studio a guilt free zone. 

I'm also working on a few other Quilt As You Go techniques......sometimes just playing with different techniques brings some of my quilts into being.

It's rare for me to have a name for a quilt so early on but this quilt is called....PICKING UP THE PIECES.
Not all that original, but oh so relevant......


  1. It's so nice to see you creating, it's looking good so far.

  2. Where you are, emotionally and creatively is understandable and 'Picking up the Pieces' so very, very, apt. I hope this quilt helps you with the healing process

  3. Nice to see you back doing what you love to do most!
    I make quilts because I need to create, like I made paintings and all sorts of other artsy stuff. It’s just a part of my (mental) nutrition.

  4. Oddly, we are doing sort of the same thing: I'm working on piecing together leftovers from a couple of quilts and somehow getting them to play nicely on the same playground. Your quilt is wonderful inspiration to help me keep going! Thanks!

  5. Mine comes from different sources. Usually I lay my hands on fabric I have like a quilt I made out of my father's shirts when he died, or (my recent one) I created design for the recieving family - each block has it's own story in this family. I started playing with another applique quilt, trying the style of medieval Bestiaries, but in general I love to recycle which for me is the core idea of a quilt.

  6. Most of my quilts come from my own surroundings. Sometimes leftover scraps take another form and come to life..Other times, I don't even know the seed is planted. I love your current project, how it's evolving and it's name.

  7. I enjoy hearing about the process you go through . . . the play to see where it leads you. I'm one who needs a plan before I start. I'd love to free myself and play one of these days though. But for now my "play" comes when I design on the computer and I do have fun playing. So much so that I need to make myself stop and actually sew. : )

  8. Look forward to another 'new technique' from you! I love, love, love QAYG!!! I've made 3 quilts using your technique (so far!). Thanks!

  9. I love both the quilt and the name of "Picking up the Pieces" ! Great work as always.

  10. Very cool usual!!! Love it!!!

  11. I find that my art and my spiritual journey are very closely intertwined, so what you are saying is no surprise to me. I also feel that everything I create, whether obviously inspired by something I experience or not, comes from that deeper, creative universe, like a gift. I see my creative journey as a spiritual one, too. After my mother died, I went on a creative frenzy and three years later, I'm still tapping into it!

  12. FIrst time commenter, but I just had to say how much I love these pieces you're working with. Something about the small, bright stripes just really resonates with me! Like little lines of joy in the middle of the bigger picture of our daily lives.


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