Monday, July 7, 2014

One Step Forward.....Two Steps Back

Sometimes....quite often actually, it's one step forward then two steps (or maybe even several) steps back, when working improv. Well, that was the way of it, for me today. It all started on Saturday.....

 I was in a mood....rotary cutters and moods just might be a lethal combination!!!! You guessed it, I started slicing!!! 

And slicing some more....with gusto, I might add!!

 And then it was project was in pieces!!! Later that day I read a beautiful post by Diane of O'Quilts and thought yes, there is anger in grief. 

In a much calmer state, two days later.....I naively thought, I will just pick up these beautiful pieces and put them in a nice calm background and that will be the end of it. The pieces will be picked up and put back together, hopefully creating something beautiful.

I'm testing out or trying to develop some ways to set quilted pieces into backgrounds.....more on that later.

Here's me calmly playing....

 Things are working out rather well....

Along the way, I modified the method slightly, making things simpler and faster.....and then, I hated it. Oh, Oh, me and my rotary cutter.....well, I imagine you know the rest. 
Yup, everything in pieces on the ground. 

Then it came to me....when something is cut or broken in pieces, whether it be your quilt or something else, it's just not a matter of putting it back on a calm background....things might just be a little more complex than that....and not all that calm.

Hmm....with that thought in mind, I'll be trying something else. 

P.S. All was not lost, my QAYG method development is coming along nicely. 


  1. Fear not there is progress here ....
    I can visualize additional strips of fabric (either matching or contemporary patterned) stitched over the top of the zig zag stitching - strips that go right out to the edge of the 'block'
    It's good to see you working out your frustrations and grief - it may never be a piece you like or love as so much emotion is sewn into it but it is a worthwhile therapy - keep working away (blessings E)

  2. You are literally picking up the pieces!
    There’s anger in grief indeed!

  3. OMGoodness, you definitely work outside the box. LOL Interesting project!

  4. This process is interesting to watch. I really like the last picture and where you are going.

  5. I like the flower-headed pins you're using. Perhaps consider adding some appliqued circles to your striped fabrics for a whimsical touch? Feeling for you. It's hard to lose someone you love.

  6. All that cutting is a way of excising, and rebuilding or renewing. That is what artists do. Thank you for sharing the process. Thinking of you.

  7. Wow, I'll take your two steps back (or more) any day. Your work is beautiful and I love seeing the process. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to learning more about your new QAYG process.

  8. Remember, it's the process, not the outcome, anyway. As you've said, you're perfecting you QAYG. I think that each time we create, whether we love what we do or not, it is leading to something else.

  9. I really liked the inset piece!! Cool...can't wait to see what you really end up doing!!

  10. There are many sides to grief. You are allowing yourself to work through them and at the same time work through what will no doubt be a great learning experience in your quilting too. I think you're on to something and look forward to seeing what comes next. Very good post Marianne.

  11. This is a fascinating post. Congratulations on having the courage to go with your rotary cutter! The sliced up sections look very promising and I really like what you have done in the last photo. Sometimes doing it is the only way to find out what works - and if it doesn't work, I often find that another idea presents itself. I will be very interested in seeing how you progress with this.

  12. It may be in pieces, but it's glorious pieces, so something wonderful WILL come of them whenever you figure out what it's supposed to be. Just don't get rid of them before you do.

  13. wow I am very very interested in what happened next ;)

  14. Oooh, I like your piece in the last picture. Your work is amazing!

  15. Hang in there, Marianne. It will all come together on all levels due to your inner strength and creativity. All the best!


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