Sunday, July 13, 2014

Putting the Pieces Back Together

It's one thing to pick up the pieces ......but then what????? How to fit them back together, that's the million dollar question. 

 Joining, more slicing and's perfect...NOT!!!   I so wish that were the case. Instead, RIPPING OUT and MORE RIPPING OUT!  But, when one way doesn't work, it inevitably leads to another solution, and if that doesn't work something else has a way of presenting itself.

I'm insetting pieces that are already quilted....that is a dilemma all of it's own.

Block One
The striped piece in the lower right-hand corner was already quilted. In the first block the back of the block is just one plain piece of fabric.

Block Two
Again the striped triangle was already quilted, but this time I figured out how to expose the quilted back, of the previously quilted triangle as well......

Block Two (back)

Block Three

Block Three (back)

Block Four
I used a different method for exposing the previously quilted triangle here....this one works, but is a little more convoluted. 

Block Four (back)

Block Five
I just have a plain back here.....this was before I figured out how to expose the back, of the previously inset quilted piece.

Block Six.... still in process
Again the back is plain.

The slicing and ripping out, multiple times, can be a painful experience.....but the resulting solutions are often gold. 

That's something I have to keep reminding myself of, throughout the process.


  1. Wow. It seems like I'm a broken record whenever I see your work ... I just love it.

  2. It is so good to have you back slicing and dicing and quilting and creating!!

  3. Putting the pieces back together sounds like a therapy!! Sigh...Slicing and dicing and still doing beautiful work. Thank you for all your support and comments.

  4. Wow. You've achieved some really wonderful blocks. Can't wait to see where this goes!!

  5. Absolutely love the way these are coming together!

  6. Fantastic blocks!

  7. I LOVE these blocks!! They're going to look fantastic (as usual!) when you put them together :)

  8. love all these blocks...

  9. Your slicing and dicing has certainly paid off! these are lovely blocks hugs, Julierose,,,such patience LOL

  10. Just discovered your blog - WOW! So many amazing quilts. Such inspiration. I'll be back!

  11. Hi, question.. I have a small piece that needs something more, and like your idea of cutting in pieces,, but you are planned out, do you not quilt to the very edge so that you have a piece of cloth to seam to the other than finish the front with a smaller piece.. If I just cut up my quilted piece, how would I finish both sides to have them look neat... email me at Love your pieces, bright and cheery.

  12. Sweeeeeeeet!:) I figured out why...other than you are amazing...that I like your stuff so basically use blenders so that the piecing really shines!
    Oh...and I have to thank you for having me linked over there on the right in your "some inspiration" section. I get loads of lookies from your site!:)


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