Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Been a Crazy Few Weeks

I'm finally coming up for air........ after moving and then teaching at my first retreat last weekend.  
Here are a few photo's from last Friday....packing up and ready to go. Do you see that lovely quilt bag on top of my pile?  
Julia Oakshott surprised me with the loveliest bag to help me transport some of my quilts to the retreat. Thank you so much, makes me smile every time I look at it 
 Here's a close up
Later that day, setting up for the trunk show is right around the time my knees started shaking a little....okay a lot!!
The ladies were welcoming and gracious. Once I got started....I believe I made sense (here's hoping).  
This is the lovely cabin I stayed at for the weekend....thank you so much Cathie. 
 My spectacular  morning view before starting the workshop
Such beautiful surroundings 

Here are a few hardy quilters spray basting one of their projects.

I had an amazing time, with the women, at the Seba Beach Retreat. Before I share anymore photos, of their work, I need to take the time to get their names matched up to the photos. Their work was so fabulous, especially since sewing curves and improvisational quilting was new to the majority of the women in the group.

I returned home to major unpacking and some basement renovations will be starting next week.....yikes, the craziness isn't over yet.


  1. YAY!!! Your back! I've had withdrawals...haha.

    Lucky ladies to have had the opportunity to take a class from you :)

  2. Thanks was an amazing for me as well, I learned so much.

  3. what a gorgeous spot for a retreat! What a wonderful gift from Julia, and what a wonderful teacher your ladies had. Good luck with your renos!

  4. I always have to remind myself when I do a speaking engagement that I LOVE talking about quilts! I bet you were great!

  5. So are a quilt teacher now:) Perfect

  6. It looks like such a peaceful spot to learn and sew. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. Beautiful bag. And the retreat sounds wonderful.
    Good luck with unpacking and renos. :)

  8. I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of your work. I'd love to come to a retreat some day.


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