Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Endless Possibilities with Wonky Borders

Dan of  Piece and Press asked me the other day, if this was my first time creating QAYG Wonky Borders.. and it is. I'm thinking, that is a wonderfully, appropriate name......thanks, Dan.  Take some Wonky Borders, add some strips to create stripes, and things start happening. 

The unexpected surprise is the wonderful striped scraps, which will be put right back, into the quilt. I'll be using some of the other QAYG joining methods as well. For the moment I'm just playing with all these delightful pieces.

I created a mosaic with some of the photo's I took, while auditioning, different background fabrics.


  1. What background colour are you going with - I prefer the black and green - your blocks just come to life with these colours

  2. Too often one only sees the finished quilt. It is great to see your thought process along the way.

    I'm sure everyone who reads your post has gone over and over each color choice and picked their favorite - now we will be waiting to see which color(s) you decided on!

  3. Looks like fun! I sure love the grunge fabrics, each one in turn looks great, I look forward to seeing which one you pick.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful job...such fun.

  5. Oh! I even get naming credit! These look great with the background colors. Love the orange and green.

  6. Those are really fun!! I'll be watching your end results!

  7. hi to all www.thequiltingedge.comers this is my frst post and thought i would say a big hello to yous -
    regards speak again soon

  8. Another brilliant creation from the master of stripes. What ever you choose for the background will be simple perfect as usual. Bravo

  9. I just LOVE this one!!! My personal preference for the background is gray...just sayin' :)

  10. Thanks to the no-repliers, I'm not sure where this one is going yet.

  11. Cam your blog via Amanda Jean, love your tutorials,so clear and concise, another blog added to my daily 'Must Read' list. The group I am in make community quilts and we receive lots of donated fabrics, scraps, yardage, and not always 100% cotton, so I can see a lot more interesting quilts happening as a result of your blog.
    Many thanks,
    Rieann in Rockingham Western Australia where it is a mild and humid 30deg.Centigrade.


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