Saturday, November 26, 2011

Am I Running A Day Care or What??

My husband and daughter laughingly asked me, if I was setting up a day care other words they think I'm out of control, as usual. 

Actually, I'm being a little selfish, as I set up a little play corner, for my darling little granddaughters, one of whom, I babysit one day a week....oh, and did I mention another baby is on the way. 

This little corner is right beside my sewing you know what that means!!! You guessed it I can quilt and babysit, all at the same time. I also like for my grandchildren, to be exposed, to lots of creativity.

Isn't that the most adorable little kitchen you've ever seen? It almost makes me want to start cooking....on second thought, I think I'll pass.

And true to form, look at the beautiful easels I bought the little girls, for Christmas......I really do believe in encouraging creativity.


  1. That kitchen is so darling! Your grandchildren will love it and all the other creative toys you have ready for them.

  2. Okay, so I think you should teach the grandkids to cook so you can sew then everyone will be happy.

  3. That is a lovely play area. I think maybe that kitchen needs some oven mits and maybe a table runner, it is, after all, near to the quilting studio.

  4. This is so cool. I remember playing with my grandmother's buttons while she was sewing. Some of my fondest memories!

  5. I think that you are a great quilter and a great grandma
    ciao ciao Linda

  6. I hope there will be a sewing machine in the future!

  7. I hope there will be a sewing machine in the future!

  8. I saw that little kitchen in an advert this weekend and said to Beloved Spouse - "Adorable! Let's buy it for X (grand-nephew)".

    To which BSP said "Do you really think his chest-thumping father would approve or ALLOW him to have a kitchen?" I said lots of stuff about male celebrity chefs but was shot down.

    Maybe I'll just get the kitchen for myself. ;)

    Love your baby-corner!


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