Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in Snow Country

I said goodbye....
 to one last sunrise on  Saturday morning
to my lovely vase of tulips

to my sun drenched little my west coast home.

We arrived back in Alberta yesterday, after a two day drive.  We usually fly but my husband took an innocent trip to the hardware store, last week, and came home with a new car and there was no guilt.  

I don't understand......if a woman goes out to buy a sewing machine needle and comes home with a new sewing machine she would be guilt smitten. But a man goes out for a battery charger and comes home with a new car....well enough said, the car brought us safely through the snowy mountains.

Now to switch gears, from island life, to snow country......sigh.


  1. So glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound.
    Oh I can't remember seeing that table runner before - I like it, a lot - nice work

  2. Well. you need to look at it from the man's point of view. He DOES have a fully charged battery now! Wasn't that the goal? LOL

  3. oh gosh. a WHOLE new car!?!? i'd have to do penance for a year if i did that. wow.

  4. For him its a car for you it's fabric.......

  5. welcome back to winter country. In Manitoba, we're still snow-free, but not for long.

  6. Welcome back to snow country. Hmmm.....maybe equal $$$ in fabric?? Sounds fair to me!

  7. Your new home looks lovely. Maybe that new car will hop on a ferry and drive you a few hours south to Seattle sometime. If so, let me know. I'd love to meet!

  8. Your west coast home looks beautiful. I'm sure it was hard to leave. We had a blizzard in Montana yesterday and still have some snow on the ground.
    BTW I love that quilt on the chair.

  9. Lovely to have a new car that zoomed you over the Coquihalla Highway home (or maybe you avoided the high mountain road instead?). There are a lot of sewing machines and fabric that can be bought to even out things out to match a new car...


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