Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Really Am Married to a Saint/ One Big, Scary, Yellow Wall

I really am married to a saint, with the exception of the Baguette Incident, of course.  All my friends will verify the fact.....some might even tell you the marriage is still in tact, after all these years, due to his sainthood.  Oh the pressure being married to the perfect man.........

 So what is his latest act of sacrifice you might ask?? He has agreed to me taking the largest bedroom, in our west coast apartment, to use as my studio..Yippee!!!!!! It is the bedroom with the view!!!! We have decided to use the smaller bedroom to sleep in and the larger room as a sewing room/TV room...with a sofa bed.

The left half, of the photo, is the soon to be studio and the right half is the living room. The views out of these two windows are breathtaking.

 We are in a bit of a holding mode out here, on the coast, because a good portion, of our furniture, is in the apartment we are trying to sell. Believe it or not the old apartment is right across the street......I can see all the things I want, over here, right  through the window. Patience has never been one of my virtues. As a result, the new apartment lacks pizazz, for the time being.

We are quite surprised, that the empty, white walls are getting to us (being the colour junkie that I am, it really shouldn't be such a surprise. The solution.....a little paint.
The really BIG, SCARY, YELLOW, WALL!!!!

A lovely, little, grey the left.

 ....and would you look at the cool mirror I found at Homesense. It's so weird...I love it.

If you put a little art, in front of the wall, it doesn't look quite as scary. Did I mention we also bought a can of RED PAINT. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Looks like you are having fun with the paint, I think red walls are wonderful! Nice that your studio will be in a room big enough, otherwise you would just be spilling out everywhere anyway, but he does seem to be a good guy, smart too.

  2. Maybe you could stand at the 'view' window and take a picture, then we could enjoy the view too! I always think it's fun to move and get new perspectives on life.

  3. Love both walls. Your husband is a sweetie!! Hugs

  4. I don't think it's scary - it's gorgeous! And yep - LOVE that mirror :D

  5. Looks like solid gold to me! Love that mirror too. You're going to have a lot of fun in that space!

  6. oh....I love your living spaces!! Lucky you, that is going to make a very great studio!

  7. You're one lucky lady! And I love the yellow wall!

  8. I LOVE your yellow wall--very happy, I say. Fun mirror too.


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