Sunday, July 29, 2012

So....What's Stopping Me??

  • A broken down long arm machine.
  • A few sewing projects (not quilt related) that I just can't seem to get at.
  • Hot sunny days.
  • The cutest grand-kids in the world .
I seem to have misplaced my motivation....Oh, and sitting around reading mindless, romance novels while eating chocolates, isn't really helping either. 

Then there's always the Olympics to watch.......


  1. Enjoy the summer days with the grand kids! I hope the long arm is fixed soon.

  2. Goodness, what have you been up to to end up with a broken arm? I hope it mends soon and that during your respite you have a chance to recharge your batteries and find some new stunning inspiration, that you are ready to attack with a vengeance once the break has mended and you are fully mobile (sewing wise) again - I know that being unable to 'play' when you want to is so very, very annoying .... get well soon

    1. Not my arm....the long arm machine, just in case anyone else misunderstood. Thanks for your concern, Ethne.

  3. Enjoy the vacation and do not feel guilty- you are allowed.

  4. ahhh romance novels in summer... they get something moving! :D and I too have the cutest grand kids in the world! (how remarkable!) enjoy! I think I'm gonna take some hand-sewing to work on at's quilt really can't wait.

  5. Good old doldrums. I just got over a 4 month stint. It feels a bit scary doesn't it? It's like it'll never come back and you'll be stuck in limbo forever.

  6. Sometimes a little reading/chocolate and grandchildren are just the break we need. Just a little summer vacation :)

  7. Hey, the grandkids in themselves are a good enough reason to neglect quilting! In fact, it's only right to do so. :)

  8. HA! I have moments like these too!!! It will pass!!

  9. Your grandchildren are lucky to have you. Quilting will always be there.


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