Sunday, July 22, 2012

So...I thought I'd Fire Up The Longarm

That was several hours ago......
 My long-arm machine has been languishing in the back room, for way to long, since I have a tendency to get so involved in QAYG projects. I've been wanting to play a little more on the long-arm, without committing to a full quilt. I have done full sized quilts but am really just wanting to experiment a bit.
So out came the books...
One of the books mentioned quilting smaller pieces such as wall hangings on the long arm. 

That got me thinking. 
I dusted off the machine.....

 Found several meters of sale fabric, in the stash, for backing...

Used a little sticky back Velcro.... 

 Cut some batting the same width as the fabric...gotta love that pool table, for jobs like this.

I put a little basting spray on a square of fabric...all ready to play. The backing fabric and batting are 45" wide so I could even play with some small type baby quilts with out having to reload the frame.

I was in a pretty good frame of mind, pardon the pun, until I turned the machine on....TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.

SEVERAL HOURS LATER.....I think I need an EXPERT and and CHOCOLATE, lots of chocolate!!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the technical difficulties but I am glad to see you are working out how to quilt the smaller pieces on the longarm.

  2. What did you use the sticky back Velcro for?

  3. Oh, I hate technical difficulties! Hey, what was the velcro for? Sounds intriguing. And - whoa!!!! We let the girls talk us into buying the pool table that the outgoing couple in the home we're buying wanted to sell. Last night I was laying there thinking, "all that money, and it's just going to sit there largely unused all school year while everyone's at college. . ." Ha!! Thank you for mentioning your cutting table use for it!!! I'll get some good sturdy surface material, pad it up so it doesn't damage the table felt, and VOILA!!! Happy Woman. :D

  4. Am sure you will remaster your machine and look forward to seeing the beautiful quilting you will do on it... What model is your longarm and do you like it?

  5. Yep! Chocolate will surly solve the problem. As a matter of fact, I think more chocolate would solve lots of problems around the world.

  6. I just got a new,bigger,machine (although not a longarm) and am looking forward to trying some more adventurous quilting. I'll get some chocolate and journey along with you!

  7. Rats and bummer. Just when you are in the mood, the machine decides not to cooperate. I was so excited to see what you had quilted,and now I am in need of dark chocolate as well. Hope you are able to solve the techie issues soon.

  8. My recommendation is whiskey to go with that chocolate! I've totally been there with those technical difficulties. Don't know what the problem is with yours, but I've got lots of tricks and you're welcome to pick my brain any time!

  9. My wife wishes she had a longarm quilter to have technical difficulties on. She has a quilt on the quilting frame in the family room right now and is hand quilting. Relaxing she says!Of course she does send quilts to a longarm quilter, but still likes to hand quilt when she feels she has time.

  10. Don't you just hate that when that happens!!! So sorry your good intentions fell short with the technical difficulties.

    I hope you get them solved REAL SOON!!!


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