Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thanks For Your Comments

I just wanted to thank all of you for your informative and supportive comments on  Pricing One's Work

I'm not sure how serious my prospective buyer is, but you've all made it so much easier, to stick to my guns. I'll let you know what transpires.

Also thank you for all your kind words about my work.....it's really encouraging.

Look at the fabulous bag I picked up at our local market on Saturday. I gave it to my Mom for her birthday....I really just wanted to keep it for myself (selfish, huh).  

It's just a quilt waiting to happen if you ask me. 


  1. Oh boy, I love that bag - I see a project in that for myself

  2. You are a better daughter than I. My poor mom would have never seen the bag!

  3. I'm with Suzan - mom would have gotten something else! And yep, I see a quilt in there, too (love the colors).

  4. Your mom must be fun if that is a bag for her! It is lovely.

  5. I missed your earlier post regarding selling your work and pricing. Read all the comments, see (and I agree with them) they are 100% in favor of either the price you quoted or mostly go higher. I also prefer to give my work away rather than under price it. I wonder what will happen to all of these gorgeous works of fiber art people are making these days? What will happen to all of mine that are stashed away in boxes now for lack of space to show them? tossed out when I am dead? Given to Goodwill? Rags for washing the car? ha ha. Maybe I had better write into my will what I want done with them. anyway, good blog post, good conversation. Thanks for bringing the subject up. Oh, nice bag too:-)

  6. Love the bag and the comment about a quilt waiting to happen. Every single day I find another quilt waiting to happen. Oh if only I had little elves to sew for me.

  7. Sometimes it is more comfortable to communicate the price in writing, rather than in a spoken conversation. And that way, no one can misunderstand or mis-hear the price. Never sell a piece that you will regret and miss afterwards. I have put a huge price on a few pieces that I wanted to keep, and wham! they sold!!!!! The big bucks didn't make up for the fact they I wanted to keep them myself. Lesson to me: Don't put any price tag on something you don't want to part with. The other lesson to me: A huge price indicates something that you, the artist, consider to be very valuable. And that appeals to some consumers.

    1. Thanks so much Judy....that's really valuable input. Everyone has given so much great perspective on this whole subject.


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