Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Block....and that's it!!!

How did a whole month go by, with me only making one single block??? I know the answer to that much chocolate and to many romance novels.

Free Bee Block for July

Lily's Quilts

I'm almost to embarrassed to link up to Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts, but I imagine of few of you can relate to my slothful ways.

Well, off to the west coast for a few weeks....maybe I'll find my get up and quilt out there.


  1. Ah but for just one block thats a pretty awesome block!

  2. Ha, that's very funny! Sometimes you just need chocolate and romance! And it IS a wonderful block!

  3. Cool block.........just enjoy the rest of the summer!!

  4. That's a mighty fine block and chocolate must be eaten by SOMEONE!

  5. I am in a summertime slump. Even though I am in my cool, air conditioned studio (to prevent my chocolate from melting), it still seems to rub off on the fabric. And I must use the other hand for scrolling thru Pinterest. What's a girl to do. Go west sounds good to me.

  6. Love it! I too haven't been finishing much. Great 1 block though.

  7. OMG!!you're singing my song. that is exactly what i've been doing. every once in a while, i take a break to replenish my chocolate, i'll see my sewing room and think about going in there but... i have to see how my book ends first. oh well, theres always august. unless 50 shades comes out with book 4. lol


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