Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Than One Addiction....

So shoot me.....I have more than one addiction!

Just look at all those lovely colours......Why do I always need at least one of every colour!!

Maybe I'm just addicted to colour.....

....and texture.

Just look at that lovely soft yarn against the beautiful stone we just had installed.


  1. Seems like we have similar stashing strategies!

  2. Don't worry you are not the only one - it's 1000 times worse when you get the spinning bug too, then the dyeing bug, as the colour creations become your individual stories and each stage of the process is a new adventure. This time 3 yrs ago I decided to get back into yarn crafts and swore I wasn't going to spin, but!!!! - spinnings great when your can't concentrate 100% on sewing

  3. You clearly need to knit something reminiscent of your latest quilts, you have all the colours handy. I love the look of your new place, the fireplace is beautiful.

  4. Oh yes! It is a color addiction, and I have it as well. A pile of yarn and/or fabric is just yummy to look at!

  5. Haha that's exactly why I haven't yet let myself learn to knit or crochet- no room here for another addiction. Yet! Haha. I'm pretty sure most of us are guilty of multiple crafty addiction :) beautiful bundles you have there!


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