Friday, January 20, 2012

She's All Fired Up and Ready to Sew......

The machine that is....not so sure about me.

This room went together really easily....the layout is so conducive, as a work space. The new cork floors are fabulous.

This is actually a sofa bed, so we are all ready for company.

The nice thing is, most of this  furniture, we had in our other place. We've had to buy very little.

I'm thinking of ordering one of those roll up type vanishing design walls, for this spot above the bench.....anyone out there had any luck with one of those?

And look at all the electrical thingies I managed to hide with this little book case.
 In case you're wondering, I hate all those switches and things...they mess with the aesthetic. I really am a fuss budget.

This closet is really doing double duty.

The rest of the place is coming together as well.

The kitchen all ready for my husband to cook in...I don't really do that any more.

All those years of cooking, for four kids, will do that to you.....the boys were over six feet in their early teens, that's a lot of spaghetti!!

Living room all ready for relaxing.

Here is my husband's little den...he works from home when we are here.

Not to shabby....he likes to call it his West Coast Office.

Of course, you know who is sitting at the computer, at the moment....gotta do the blog thing, right.

After all that, I'm just way to tired to quilt....maybe I should head out the door for a little retail therapy or dinner.


  1. I am sooo jealous. You're place is amazing! Love your decorating.

  2. It looks great. Glad you're settling in.

  3. It looks beautiful! I know you'll get to the sewing soon enough :)

  4. I vote for dinner. Retail therapy is more a spur of the moment splurge. And not relaxing....whereas dinner is very relaxing. Just be sure you drink, too.

  5. It all looks great! It'll be fun to see how this new space influences your work.

  6. Everything looks so beautiful! Your decorating and colors are great and I love your kitchen.....even though I don't cook anymore either! I vote for going out to dinner.

  7. Your home is looking amazing - you have worked hard this week - I hope you went out for dinner and that you are ready to get sewing now

  8. What an amazing home, and so spacious. Love the artwork too. very stylish. am so jealous. We're totally running out of space. I am at a point where I think I might have to sell my paintings for peanuts on eBay to make some room.

  9. lovely home! So neat. I love the cork floors.
    Also, i'd like to hear more about the roll up design wall you mentioned. I think i could use one of those!

  10. Lovely home!

    Maybe someday my hubs can do all the cooking after my four are grown. :)


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