Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

I'm making some headway with my move and setting up the studio, but as always it gets much worse before it gets better.

I have the layout pretty much figured out.  There is even room for a design wall!

It was looking pretty good until I started unpacking boxes....where to go with it all?? Where did this stuff all come from? I certainly couldn't have bought it all.


Now that's a little better, but that's not even half my books.....and I haven't even gotten to the knitting books yet. Yikes!

If you notice, my fabric and clothing have to share a closet......who needs clothing right??

 So, if you see pictures of me stark naked  poorly dressed, you'll understand.

Alright, if you are hiding your eyes at this point, it's safe to open them. Even I'm not that far gone.

Time to get off the computer and back to my where is that fabric for my Freebee block?


  1. At this moment I feel ya!!! With my shake up in my home. Chat with ya soon. Hugs

  2. Oh, I think it is exciting to be unpacking and reorganizing in nice new space, I wonder what kind of quilt it will inspire? It is - 30C here today, you are clearly in the right place for now.

  3. I'm glad to see that my insane brain is not the only one that keeps lint rollers as essential studio tools!

  4. Ah! I so sympathize with you. We moved in July, and I still haven't found a place for everything. My stash has somehow multiplied in transit. At least I'm not traveling between two houses as you are. Good luck!

  5. This post cracks me up, especially the stark naked part. Good luck with unpacking--it does eventually all get done!

  6. I know what you are going through! I just emptied out my quilt room as we are making some changes in there and I have no idea how much I had in is now sitting in our living room and computer room........but not for long! Good luck!

  7. Right! Who needs much clothing? So many more important things in life--like fabric!


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