Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to Moving on the West Coast

I'm back on the west coast and in the thick of moving. The moving guys will be here first thing in the morning, to bring the rest of the furniture, from our old place (so why aren't I in bed already).
This means I can  finally finish setting up my studio!!!
We had some work done to our new place, while we were back home for Christmas, and am loving it.  I can't wait to show you before and after pictures.

The empty walls are just waiting....

Meanwhile, there is all the chaos that comes with moving...

  My brain is chaotic enough without having a chaotic living space.


  1. I am admiring your wall art stacked up. I would like to read more about them, are they your art? Who made them? I am in the very slow process of re doing my great room, and just curious about yours...

  2. Best wishes with your move. I'll look forward to the before and after photos!

  3. I happened to visit your "construction site" page before I came to this post. It came to mind that there is a lot of very neatly folded fabric. It also came to mind that it must be a b*tch to move. Sending you all the best along with slight jealous vibes... I'm wishing that I had open storage, but I still deal with toddlers.


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