Thursday, January 12, 2012

As Long as They are Still Asking....

I finally finished a hat for my great nephew, by his request, that I started before Christmas. We are having a slow start for the new year at my house..... cold and flu will do that to you. 

This is  Nate, about five years ago, wearing the first hat and sweater that I ever  knit. Since he is still loving the could I resist. 

I'll never forget the way his eyes lit up the first time I pulled a bunch of colorful yarn out of my knitting bag. So what's an Auntie to do when a seven year old asks for another hat....knit one of course.

Here is Nate modeling his new hat....his mom took that picture fast(I just finished it this morning). Just in time it's supposed get really cold.


  1. Yup, he is a cutie! And both hats, new and old are great, the sweater is too. I hope you are feeling better too.

  2. I totally want that entire outfit, including the bright blue trousers. And the new hat is great!
    It reminds me of the grey and yellow WIP in the corner that I must absolutely. finish. immediately.

  3. It would be very hard to say no to that sweet face :) Wonderful hats!

  4. Your hats look gorgeous! That sweater too! Your work is beautiful.

  5. Great hats and sweater--modern and tasteful--like your quilts!

  6. He'll be the coolest kid at school and the warmest! Great looking.


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