Sunday, September 18, 2011

QAYG .....Pushing it to the Edge

I like taking a method and pushing it to the that it becomes a design element, rather than just a more convenient way to quilt. I don't necessarily want to hide the QAYG components or have them form the typical QAYG grid. Rather, I want to embrace the advantages of QAYG, since it lends itself to greater quilting control and results in some pretty interesting quilts......front and back......along the way.

The interesting thing is, I started pursuing QAYG to avoid stuffing the whole quilt, under the machine. I now own a long arm, but still find myself exploring this method because it has some distinct characteristics and advantages all of it's own.

Quilt back, of the scrap play quilt, I'm working on.

Quilting detail.

Quilt far.

A quick peek at my new goodies.

The words....I'll take whatever is left came out of my mouth a few times. Aren't they lovely??


  1. :))))))))))))
    That's me talking about echino :))) yeah, ok, fat eights, leftovers, anything you have :))))

    I totally understand :)

  2. You left me laughing out loud with the "I'll take whatever is left" comment. How many times have I said the same. But hey, a girl doesn't want to run short, right?
    Now, to the latest quilt du jour. Front and back is brilliant. Did you mention the size? I've been immersing myself in Nancy Crow quilt art, but perhaps I could entice you to teach a workshop. You are so there!

  3. Your quilt back is as cool as the front! Beautiful! And I can't wait to see what you do with the new yummy fabrics!

  4. I love the quilt you're working on. Perhaps I need to buy a book or two. I've ordered some solids but I'm nervous to take the plunge (unlike me)It must be because it is so improvisational, I'm not sure where to start.

  5. I have used that phrase a time or two myself!! Your new treasures look fabulous!

  6. your quilt is fabulous! I love your new fabric ~ I love the black and white, do you know who's line it is? oh heck can you tell me all of them?

  7. Isn't it weird how your mouth can speak before your brain engages...when it comes to fabric!

  8. Your new goodies are delicious! I love the black and tan combo, one of my faves. Would love to know what designer/manufacturer they are just in case... you know... I wanted to pick some up or something...

  9. You're such an inspiration! Love the fact you're going to your comfort spot and adapting QAYG to work for you. THAT's what artists do! Love the movement in the front and back. Well done.

  10. Love, love, love it....back and front!!!!

  11. Gads, I'm going to have to move to Canada. I've never seen such beautiful fabrics.

  12. some great new fabrics to work with. i haven't done much quilting lately but i'm fascinated with the QAYG method. i think i could like this. i'll have to check back on your post to see if you have any how tos.

  13. I just love your QAYG process!! :):) I'm still working on mine. (slowly :):) I have a friend in town. I took her to the Grand Canyon!! Now that was a WOW!! Hugs--Sandie


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