Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Paint Like I Quilt / I Quilt Like I Paint

  • Lots of colour
  • Lots of improvising
  • Little planning
  • Lots of emotion

I painted this about seven years ago, after spending a sunny afternoon in Burano.  
The warmth of that day never left me.
 Some day, I might have to use it as inspiration for a quilt.


  1. Not surprised you were inspired there - love those colourful houses! It would indeed make a fabulous quilt!

  2. I wish I could be a 'free' with my artwork

  3. wow, you are super multi-talented! and i look forward to seeing this this quilt form.

  4. This would make a wonderful quilt!

    (But ir's a wonderful painting). :)

  5. It's a wonderful painting! I think you would have great fun using it as an inspiration for a quilt, it would be fun to see where you would end up.

  6. Now I know why your quilts are so amazing. You just have this built-in amazing talent. It's beautiful, and I can see you translating it into an equally beautiful and unique quilt!

  7. You are a true artist, and that painting would make for an awesome inspired quilt!

  8. I am holding on to my socks cuz that painting is blowing them away. Those colors, the composition, the feelings are sucking me right into that world. Bravo

  9. wow wow and wow !!! you are multi talented that is for sure...quilting and painting are totally connected for you....love it!!! xox

  10. We were in Burano for about an hour in August. The colors are so luscious!


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