Thursday, January 13, 2011

More QAYG ...and with Circles

By the time I made this quilt in 2007, I was beginning to be an old pro at joining the squares. I made this quilt for my beautiful niece, Alarissa's 16th she unwrapped it our eyes met, and she said in wonder "You made this for me?" I was a happy quilter then..... another one of my quilts was going to be loved. There I go...sappy again.


As my fascination with circles, started to grow, I was determined to conquer them. I have a few favourite methods for circles, as well.....I'll save that for another day

The squares for the quilt back are just random....I didn't bother planning to much....I like surprises.


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  1. Love it. I have never dared to use circles and would really like to. and the quilting is superb. well done you.

  2. again ~ just beautiful! thank you for posting about your quilts.
    you truly inspire me!

  3. This is awesome! Did you sew the squares together first, then applique the circles on top?

  4. I'm just learning how to piece circles, too! How did you piece the circles on this quilt?


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