Thursday, January 13, 2011

And still More Cirlcles...QAYG

As I go through my quilts, I'm rather surprised, at how many are QAYG. The circles on this quilt are inset rather than applique. The quilt is all flannels, except for the binding and the joining strips. In my earlier QAYG quilts, including this one, the lattice or joining strips are very obvious

I just can't seem to get enough of spirals....easy when you are quilting the individual blocks.


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  1. And now, instead of hand sewing the joining strips, you machine stitch all of it? I'm looking for the books you suggested in an earlier post. I also am researching the web for tutorials. But I like the way you do it, but not sure how that is.
    By the way, another beautiful!

  2. I think we share an obsession with circles, both in the construction of our quilts and in the quilting!

  3. I love your circles :) I bought the circle maker for my Jamone and have never used it - YET! Probably after I crawl out from under my 30 UFO's! LOL


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