Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Am I In Trouble Yet??

This is the fabric I bought just before Christmas and below is my January stash.... and it isn't even the middle of the month yet!!! In my defense a number of these fabrics are's very cold out here at the moment. Good thing, I no longer have to feed lanky, over six foot, teenage boys, and their friends anymore!  Hmm...maybe I do need some sort of stash pack think???

You might have noticed, I rarely buy anything less, than two meters. The words "I'll take the whole bolt" have been known to come out of my mouth...on occasion. Recently, I read an article, that said, if you take a picture of everything you have eaten that day, it just might just shock you, into eating you see where I'm going with this??  I'm  just not ready to commit,  to not buying, but I can do the picture taking thing. Here's the deal....every piece of fabric I buy this year, I will post on my blog...okay,I'll throw in the yarn too. So, what's my payoff....well there is this really expensive computerized component (for my long arm) that I've been eying.....maybe if don't buy fabric I could reward myself!!!!
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  1. beautiful fabric - what is the black and white one? the one that looks like squares?

  2. Oh Marianne you do make me laugh. Wondering if you want your friends to hold you to your "not buying" plan? We will, you know. JC

  3. Nah...I'm completely trust worthy.......I'm still allowed to buy...I just have to document with pictures everytime I do.

  4. First time here but I want to say your quilts, your stash and your house is fantastic!


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