Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Love Affair with QAYG continued....

This next QAYG quilt was inspired by the book quick and easy Quilts by Jenni Dobson ( Liberated Log Cabin). I went a little crazy and learned a lot along the way. Joining squares, that size, definitely has it's moments.  For  awhile, I thought I would never finish it. However, the minute I did, my youngest hugged and loved it, you know what that means, it went home with her. She has since moved to far makes me happy she has it with her. Sorry, we quilters can be so sappy!


Since I was still fooling around with circles, at the time, I plunked a few, on the center blocks....I'm not sure they really add anything to the overall design.


Posted by PicasaThe truly amazing thing about making this quilt, is how liberating it really is. You can even cut into the fabric, you are afraid of using...I know you all have a few of those...because you only have to cut a strip or two.  I didn't plan ahead. One strip at a time...without to much thinking.

My plan is to document all of my QAYG quilts and then illustrate my favourite methods.  Even though I have a long arm quilter I still love QAYG!!!


  1. I am in love with QAYG but haven't got the gut to try it yet. I am still skared by joining the squares, I think I haven't found the perfect way to do it yet. But you quilts are stunnig! SO vibrant! And the colours...just wow!

  2. Love it! Thanks for taking the time and sharing with us. Will be waiting patiently for your next post! I too am not sure how to join the squares.
    And the fabric you use in each quilt is awesome! I want to make quilts like yours!

  3. I currently have to fight the urge to drop circles in everything! I'm definitely interested in hearing about your qayg experiences.


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