Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Joining Blocks 1-12

Here is the final layout..... I have decided to join the blocks with 2 inch (finished size) joining strips. I'm choosing the colour for each block individually, as I go.

Detail of the joining strips...I'll be inserting 2 inch wide strips of batting before I do the hand sewing.

Here are four rows joined and ready for the hand stitching. 


  1. Oh.my.God! What size will it be? It is huuuge.

    Ha, of course I work fast, I make only tiny quilts compared to this :D

  2. The finished size will be 58" by 78". It's going to take awhile to put together since some is done by hand....my hand sewing is pretty slow.

  3. I-Ha! That's huuuuge. It's going to be great, I'm sure.

    Let me count again. 78"? Brrr :)))

  4. Not soo huge...what about those people who do king size quilts?? It's the size of a nice lap quilt. I don't like doing anything to much bigger though.


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