Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Have I Done All Year?

I decided, since the year is coming to a close, I should take inventory of the quilts I actually finished this year....I'm a little embarrassed...this is it. It is so sparse, that I am actually including the backs as well. Maybe I should take pictures of everything I started this year (and didn't finish I might add)....or maybe not. It is a thought though, I am quite the starter. Enough apologizing...I am a multiple project type's the way my brain works. It would be interesting to take pictures of all the projects on the go...I might just do that (a little scary, okay a lot scary). Oh, by the way, in my defense, I did do a substantial amount of sewing for my two darling granddaughters' nurseries.....those bumper pads will get you every time.

Does anyone else have this multiple project syndrome?? Did I mention I have multiple knitting projects as well?

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  1. I just hide the unfinished projects in shoe boxes - that way they don't exist. Making quilts for other people seems to be a good way to get them finished. Anything I am making for myself or just for the fun of it is easier to shelve. I am laughing that you included the backs as well to pad the mosaic out.

  2. That was kind of sneaky of me. About boxing stuff, I do that too....there's too many to count,but a mosic of unfinished stuff(or quilts in progress..sounds better) wouldn't need any padding at all...I might need to make several mosaics.

  3. I've finished a grand total of ONE quilt, and that was a mini for a swap, if that helps ;)

    It's always on my to do list, and something that I'm resolving to take care of in the new year.

  4. Thanks it's to a better year!!!

  5. I definitely have the same problem! Your quilts are lovely.


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