Monday, December 14, 2015

Under Renovation and Saved by the Queen

Life these days seems rather upside down, to say the least. We are undergoing a major renovation and in December....are we crazy?????

The kitchen is a gut job and all three bathrooms are being done as well.

So....we moved out for a month, but not without my trusty Bernina (I'm not that far gone).

We rented a furnished apartment for a month and for the first order of business.....a temporary sewing space, of course. I mean sewing is my therapy and with my life this out of sorts, I'm going to need all the therapy I can get. 

There was the temptation to run away to the west coast, but we thought it best to keep an eye on the renovations. So far the guys are doing a bang up job (pardon the pun) but I am beyond giddy at the excitement of it all. It's so exciting I'm not even feeling my usual Christmas grumpiness. It doesn't hurt that Christmas Dinner will be at my daughter's house. For that I am so thankful! Last year at this time she was so sick and this year she is well enough to host all of much to be thankful for.

So as you can see, I'm putting the space to good use. It all started with one Spider Man Quilt for my little grandson. One thing always leads to another. Suddenly I'm making four quilts. The little girls are suddenly into Super Heroes as well.  I got informed by the two five year olds that they weren't into princesses anymore. Oh, oh.....I had just bought three Frozen Panels for the girls. "Well, what about, Elsa, I tentatively asked?' "GRAMMA......they rolled their eyes....of course we love her. She's a QUEEN!!" AH....SAVED BY THE QUEEN!!!

So being Super Gramma....just kidding. I'm making good reversible quilts. Frozen on one side and Spider-Man on the other.

They are coming along.

This is so not my thing.....But anything for the love of my little Grandchildren!!!!


  1. You gotta do what you gotta do and you do it well!:)

  2. What fun to make a style they want. Great way to teach them to love quilts!

  3. Must say you are game going into renovation over winter. You're a great Oma making all those quilts for your grandies. I'm sure they will love those quilts. Have a lovely Festive time at your daughters.

  4. Good for you Grama. I too am making a bed quilt for my cousin. Not my usual MO

  5. Your quilting is making those panels look great! Best wishes with the remodel.

  6. Love the combo of princess and super hero!!! Exactly what every little girl needs to be!

  7. Good for u on the reversible quilts....

  8. Such a great idea to make reversibles!!


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