Monday, October 5, 2015

Technique Improvisation

Or should I say, Assembly Improv......sigh, no idea what to call my process these days.
Actually it's sort of a  Layering of Techniques. I'm finding myself changing techniques along the way, mixing several and experimenting, as I go. If that's not improv, than I don't know what is.

Here are some samples of the whole layered technique process.....sometimes it almost feels like I'm building the blocks.
Below are some shots of the techniques I have utilized in some of the blocks.

Assembly-line piecing for the background of the blocks, if you will.

I learned this amazing method, from the book Crazy Shortcut Quilts by Marguerita McManus and Sarah Raffuse. I have incorporated this concept in so much of my work.
I used this method for a background of sorts....but I only thought of it half way through, so not all the blocks are done this way....more mish mash!!! Well, that's what mixing techniques and experimenting along the way is all about.
Here are the Elongated Triangles I started with in Katie Pedersen's Workshop.
Here, I decided to applique the triangles to the "pieced background".

Cutting away excess fabric, from the back......

And what about the raw edges, on those appliqued triangles? On one edge of the triangle I "stitched and flipped" and on the remaining two, I used appliqué strips...applied to all the layers, appliqué as you quilt.
And there you have it. Who knows how I will join the blocks.....  
Note: On several of the blocks I used a few other techniques besides applique with those triangles but, I will save that for another day. It's probably time to write a few more tutorials....but I'm still in experiment mode.


  1. Thank you, Marianne, for this "little" tutorial ... It's a wonderful inspiration ... ;))) With lovely regards! Kirsten

  2. Your quilts always intrigue me. I would have no idea where to start!

  3. Modern "applique" is a very interesting technique. Your blocks are looking beautiful.

  4. The results of your "mish-mash" techniques are pretty darn awesome, that's for sure. Looks like fun play.

  5. I always love your pots. You have so many ideas and such an eye for color. I will be watching this "spot"

  6. Take heart and don't feel lost -- I think these are awesome and so interesting to look at. I would love to hear more about your process.

  7. Your work is always so intriguing to me. Totally not the way I work, so I find it fascinating to see your process.

  8. These blocks are amazing. Love your colours. Hope to see them in person.

  9. I got that book awhile ago, but not my thing. Unless of course I get a class from you. When are you teaching in Charlotte??

  10. Greetings! I have to say that your work and your process is so intriguing to me - I just love your quilts!. I have never really tried quilt as you go except on a random square here and there and would love to explore it more. Do you ever teach classes? If so, I'd love to look into the possibility of attending one. Thank you, and keep posting your wonderful work! Catherine in San Diego

    1. Thanks, Catherine
      I do little bit of teaching....but only in Canada so far. I'll be doing a workshop in the Vancouver area in March but we are still working out all the details.

    2. Do post the details - who knows - I may make it out of my zip. Best - Catherine

    3. I'll do that.....I need to create a page for that. Probably in January.

  11. I love the inventive way you change techniques to get the effective you are after. Applique strips on the edge of the triangles, for instance, is a really clever idea. It's the sort of post that gets my mind buzzing - thanks!

  12. You are so masterful at design and construction! You may be doing improv, but you seem to approach it with the mind of an architect, and I love it.


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