Friday, August 16, 2013

West Coast Studio Tour

 Company's my studio is actually clean.
 If you happen to remember, I have rearranged this room several times. I think I finally have it functioning the way I like or should I say love.  Let me take you on a little tour....
Let me start by saying that the studio occupies the master bedroom. My reasoning being, the room has such a lovely view and is also right off the kitchen, making it a little noisy for makes so much more sense for us to sleep in the back bedroom(maybe just a little rationalizing going on here).
We still keep our clothing in the master bedroom closets and use the large en suite. Since this Night Owl is married to an Early Bird (isn't that always the way), it works perfectly for us. My late night sewing doesn't disturb my husband and his very, very early morning coffee making, showering, etc. etc. doesn't wake me up in the morning.
Also, when overnight guests come, we give them the back bedroom that has a full bathroom right next to it (giving our guests a fair bit of privacy) and we sleep in the studio....see why I had to clean it. There's a Murphy Bed in the Studio and since all our personal stuff is in there as well, it's an easy transition.
Well onward....
Here is my massive design wall...
 So wonderful to work from...
and so fabulous to display finished quilts on.  

There sits my beloved Janome, sunk into it's lovely little table ( made by Janome as well).
The design wall takes up the entire the far right hand corner is my current project.

The little cupboard, to the right of the door is perfect for holding several of my quilting books (in the interest of full disclosure it doesn't even hold half of them).

On the other side of the room is my beloved Murphy Bed...sooo comfortable...I kid you not.

We chose cork floors for this room, which I love!!
 The table I use for cutting is actually a small dinning room table (bar stool height). It actually folds down to half that size....the stools slide underneath.
We had a much smaller apartment, when we first bought property out here and that's all we had room for. We've moved twice since then and now have a regular sized table. I was so happy to re-purpose this table, as it is the exact right height for much easier on the back.
Last spring I found this handy dandy clip on ironing also adjusts to different heights.
I believe it's meant to clip onto your sewing desk so that you can sew and press without standing up each time. A marvelous idea, but doesn't work on my particular sewing desk.
I then came up with the brilliant idea (well, I think it's brilliant) of attaching it to my cutting more stubbing my toes on that darn ironing board which didn't quite fit into the space.
I created a sit down ironing spot on the adjacent desk.....such a nice little L-shaped work space.
 I have a Pfaf out here as well, which can sit on the desk when needed, but I seem to be using the Janome as my go to machine. I do have sewing friends that come and stay with me now and again so an extra machine is always a bonus (also very helpful if one machine is on the fritz). 
From the window there is a fabulous view that I love to drink in, as I'm working.
What can I say...this prairie girl can never get enough of the ocean.

This is the balcony just off the studio. Below are some shots of the stunning views.
This room is smaller than the space I have in Alberta, but it just seems to work so well and that ocean....what more can I say. 

And there you have west coast studio, let's just hope it stays this way for awhile.



  1. Ooh it looks lovely! I can't keep my sewing space that tidy!

  2. It’s an inspiring place to work and create from!

  3. Lucky lucky you! No wonder you love it so much!

  4. Beautiful room - and what a gorgeous view! I'm curious about that clip-on ironing board. Couldn't find it googling on-line. Do you have any info on brand or where to purchase?

  5. I had the same question as Carol. I love your space and want that ironing station. Thank you for any information you can offer!

    1. For anyone else wondering... I bought it at Sawyers Sewing Centre in Victoria.

  6. What a great idea for a cutting board.

  7. Beautiful! What a lovely space, and that porch? A fantasy space to sew, read, drink tea.

  8. Fabulous space! And BEAUTIFUL quilts.

  9. Wonderful space, and that view is outstanding. You are very clever! Well, we already knew that...

  10. I always like seeing other studio spaces. Nicely done and arranged.

    You need to link this post up to Ellison Lane's studio series.

    Also I just saw Aura on Jeni Baker's favorite for the week.

  11. It is lovely. How do you get to the balcony, from another room? And I was wondering If you hang quilts on the Murphy Bed when it is up against the wall like that? It is a beautiful sewing space.

  12. Wow, your work always inspires me and what a great versatile apartment you have. But those views remind me of Victoria. I'm going to be there soon. Love your tidying up post!

  13. a very efficient work space. like the idea of a murphy bed in you room. i agree with you about the ocean, i never get tired of the view. my daughter has a house on the oregon coast we love to visit.

  14. Enjoyed the tour. You have a sweet set up. I'm a night owl, too, and could happily sew into the wee hours. However, I live in a "day world", so indulge in late nights occasionally, but not always.


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