Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When All Else Fails....Just Start Cutting Strips

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on what you do when you're in a down cycle. It's so helpful to know I'm in such good company.....

Here are some of the fabrics I pulled out of my stash, during the past few days. A while back, one of my wonderful nieces asked If I would make her a quilt....time to get started.

She's loving the colors of Debbie's (Eschhouse Quilts)  quilt on the cover of this month's Modern Patchwork Magazine, as am I, of course.
Just a little aside.....In this issue is an article by Amy Ellis about The Blogger's Quilt Festival.
It was a lovely surprise to see Colour Shot included in the article!! (I was even quoted in the crazy is that!!!)

Back to the project at hand....I just happened to buy this lovely fabric when I was in Austin for Quilt Con.....hmm, just maybe I can come up with something. The colors are perfect!!
 So....I ripped a chunk of all the above fabrics and just started cutting strips. As you can see It didn't take me  long to create quite a mess of those strips.
There's nothing like some wonky, QAYG, log cabins with luscious, colored strips to loosen up one's creativity!!  We'll see if this works out...... 

Good thing a quilting buddy is coming over to quilt with me tomorrow....another great way to get motivated!!


  1. oooh, I submitted things for that article - do you think you could possibly let me know if it made it in? Pretty please? :-)

  2. Marianne, the fabric your bought at quiltcon is marvellous. The quilt you startet will look extraordinary because of the combination of circles and stripes. the "down" has passed obviously ;)) Regards from Ulla, Germany

  3. Gosh, it looks beautiful already! I love the AH fabric - awesome.

  4. Isn't it great how once you start working - the creativity starts flowing. The hard part is starting when you are in a down cycle.

  5. Gosh, Marianne--when this "low-down" happens to me--I go to visit your inspiring blog. It definitely makes me want to get back to "making".
    I love your fabrics--they are brave and bold. Oh, and I try to make something out of "my style"; to go where no Julierose has gone before-- hahaha! Glad you are back to working. Enjoy, hugs, julierose

  6. YAY!!!'re getting your mojo back :)

    Great inspiration and I think this will be another stunning quilt! Love the colors. Your niece is a lucky girl.

    Have fun :)

    1. Thanks....I really had to drag myself down there, but it felt good to get started.

  7. Your blocks are wonderful, I love the fabrics and colours. And how nice to see your quilt in the magazine, I should find a copy of it too.

  8. Love your fabric choices. What an eye you have!

  9. Yes I agree with Julierose - I go to your blog to get inspired. Love your new project. That fabric is fabulous!

  10. Great colors on that quilt. How nice that your niece rquested a quilt. Shows how much she admires you. And your colorshot quilt is such a superstar!

  11. That is what works for me - hope it got you groovin!

  12. I agree with everyone that said "go look at blogs (especially this one) if I am ever in a funk, that's exactly what I do. Love these fabrics and colors . . . Lucky niece. Also quilting with a buddy is the best kick in the pants for me too.


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