Friday, May 31, 2013

Endless Design Possibilities

 As long as there are continual design possibilities and decisions throughout the process.....I'm good.  I'm real good!!!

Consider all the choices involved in designing a quilt; color  fabric, shapes, lines, thread, quilting, style......and that's just the beginning!!

I think it's important to find a process that one is comfortable with and that gets the creative juices flowing. 

For me, I love making continual design choices as I go....that is probably why Quilt As You Go is such good fit for me. Even after all the blocks are quilted, there are still several design possibilities.

 Since most of my blocks are usually individual rather then repetitive, block placement is a huge possibility in and of itself. If there are twelve different blocks, each having four sides...... how many combinations could one come up with???

 I think I just might leave the answer to that question, up to the mathematicians ...all I know is there are more than I can count.

 As I piece and quilt my blocks I get excited about the unknown possibilities that lie ahead.
Quilting Choices....You know how I love my spirals! 
 Fabric Choices....I'm often adding more fabrics into the mix, almost to the end.

I go back and forth between all the steps.....never really knowing the end result , until the end.

Once the blocks are finished and the block placement decided there's still joining and binding decisions to be made. All the reason for having a large and diverse stash.....I mean I really can't be running to the quilt shop between every block or can I? Well, sometimes I do.

I could be designing on paper or with my computer but hey, FABRIC IS MY MEDIUM FROM BEGINNING TO END!!


  1. This is EXACTLY why YOU are such an artist. I find your whole process truly amazing!!! I'm one who has to know the outcome way before the beginning or I don't start at all. I wish I lived next door to you and could watch your process start to finish!

  2. I can't see enough of your process - it's fascinating! Thank you for sharing!

  3. That was just fascinating reading...a true insight into a genius mind. Thank you.

    1. Thanks.....hmm, that word genius has a nice ring to it, well one can wish.

  4. This is the only way to go! Design as you go, quilt as you go--absolutely awesome results! Your work is wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Your color choices are great.....again. Love your process.

  6. Wondrous as ever, I have actually just started hand quilting in circles, I'm liking that I'm thinking differently about everything!!

  7. Told ya you'd come up with another gorgeous quilt!!! I knew that creative mind of yours wouldn't stay idle very long..LOL

    I am so inspired by your process! I keep reading and re-reading your posts hoping SOME of it will soak in. I use your QAYG method exclusively in my work and it makes the quilting process so much more fun for me because in the whole quilting process, I dislike the actual quilting step the most :) I even use QAYG for more traditional quilts and it gives them a whole new look :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Thanks, Colleen, I'm so glad it's helpful.

  9. Must try QAYG as I love your flexibility of design. I share your love of the spiral. It gives such movement in a subtle way. Needless to say your latest is as gorgeous as usual!


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