Monday, May 13, 2013

When All Else Fails.....Finish Something

Since my creative muse seems to have vanished at the moment....I spent some time organizing and sorting fabrics and such, always a good thing.

Then....I finished Ripple Effect I 
Ripple Effect I (39" x 35") 
 I used a facing type finish.
 Check out those corners

I wasn't happy with my corners at first, but then I happened on an article by Ricky Tims.....

Quilt Life (June 2013)

I really like this method because it eliminates a fair bit of the bulk in the corners.... plus I really enjoy this magazine.

I used some reverse, raw-edge applique for this quilt....I feel a tutorial coming on.

It's back to Alberta, tomorrow, perhaps my creative muse will be waiting for me there.

P.S. all those bossy blocks are tucked away, in a drawer, until I return.


  1. Love, love, love this one!! Is this QAYG??

    This one speaks to me (not so much Bossy Blocks :() Maybe once you've had a "timeout" from BB you'll get inspired when you see it again.

    Do you ever use precuts in the QAYG process to join blocks?

    1. Thanks so much, Colleen....I agree about the timeout thing. Yes this is a QAYG...........but I'm not sure what you mean about using pre-cuts to join the blocks??

    2. I know this quilt doesn't have joining strips (how did you join this one??) but when you use strips on your other quilts, have you ever used 2 1/2" jelly roll precuts for the front strips or 4 1/2" (or 5 1/2") dessert roll precuts for the back or do you cut all your strips? Hope I haven't confused you more..LOL

    3. Oh, I'm confused on a regular basis. I usually cut the strips.

  2. Lovely finish. Looking forward to a tute.

  3. I love the facing idea, it will make this a lovely piece to hang on the wall. Will you be bringing it home so I can see it or will it live on the coast?

  4. Fantastic the design and the movement in the quilting. You're call on the facing method was right on. Jill

  5. Thanks....I'm happy I chose the facing type binding as well.

  6. I just saw this on your Fickr and absolutly love it and all your work! I can't wait to try your method to join quilt blocks - I've been wanting to try QAYG but couldn't figure out the joining part.

  7. Applique? Erm, where's that then, the circles??!!! Lovely piece of work, great sense of colour :)

  8. I created a tutorial on making nice corners using a facing method, but never posted it on my blog. Well, I posted it today. It maybe the same way Ricky does his, but I can't tell. I find that careful trimming is the key along with some pressing.

  9. No connector stripes? Did you press the seams open(top and batt),then SITD to hold it together?
    Its amazing!
    Amie :-)

  10. I pinned your beautiful quilt to my Quilting Inspiration board on Pinterest. Love it!!!

  11. Another amazing quilt. I really love the spiral quilting.

  12. totally in awe of this quilt and the quilting! love it

  13. I keep coming back to this quilt. I would love to learn how you set those circles in the squares. Is there a tutorial somewhere you would recommend?


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