Thursday, May 9, 2013

Darn Bossy Blocks

 It's off to the chopping block, for these darn bossy blocks. When working with these large wonky curves it's really easy to underestimate the visual impact. Throw a few large prints into the mix and I'm just not happy.
 So, a little slicing.
 Some more chopping.
Audition some background fabric. 
Oh heck....time to take a walk and maybe just stuff them in the drawer for another day.

Update: I'm so frustrated, that I'm sure my walk will head me straight over to the quilt shop.....oh dear...that could mean trouble. You understand, sometimes a little fabric therapy is a necessity!!! 



  1. Thanks for the great tute! I love the straight stripes across the curves.

  2. I like them chopped up. I hope you had fun at the fabric store.

  3. I really like the chopped versions! I'm sure some fabric therapy will help tremendously!

  4. it may be frustrating for you, but fun for me - I like seeing what you are doing and I am sure it's going to be great!

  5. Yes...I'm afraid I understand! I DO like what I see here though. Maybe you'll like it in the morning! ;)

  6. Oh...I understand COMPLETELY!!

    When I've tried to "force" something to happen on my design wall but it just isn't happening, everything comes down, gets put in my scrap drawer and I give myself a break (sometimes fabric therapy and other times just a break for a few days).

  7. I'll have them! Seriously though I'm sure you can redeem most of them...NAY...all of them! I think you will fall in love all over again with these rogues once you have time to reflect. Maybe I should show you some of my work and then you would realise how great they are...

    1. I'm sure it will work out....I'm sure your work is fabulous.

  8. Oh how I do understand.....trying to force the fabric is awful. But you know, it's difficult to be objective about our own stuff. I see your current chopped up blocks and think "Wow! Cool! What a great idea to play with, reminds me of Rayna Gillman's freeform cutting and piecing techniques." But yeah, I understand the frustration when what the fabric wants doesn't jive with what *you* want lol. Put these blocks away for awhile. When you come back to them you'll fall in love with the fabrics all over again, and you'll get a different setting/sashing idea.

  9. Maybe you are thinking to hard about this! I am sure it will come together!

  10. I do understand that! All too well. I think new fabric always trumps frustrating projects. It's the quilter's version of "take two aspirin and call me in the morning."

  11. I'm voting for the gold and orange background. Great happy sweet colors.


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