Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reconsidering Pinterest

After an interesting read, on Copyright issues, by Leah, of the Free Motion Quilting Project, I found myself reconsidering Pinterest. I'm all for the sharing of ideas and have long since found it ludicrous in the quilting world that so many quilters want to copyright methods, patterns and blocks that have been around for years. Also, Pinterest has changed some of their terms. 

I will cautiously dip my toes back into the Pinterest waters. I found Leah's article a great read.  So, in the interest of sharing ideas, I'm removing the code which stops pinning from my blog and will again, allow my Flickr photos to be pinned.

And because no blog post is complete without a few pics....
Here's a little bit of fabric that is trying to tempt me away from my current project.


  1. I had no idea you were blocking pins. But you know what?... I'm glad you are no longer concerned about people who will pin your artwork. It is the ultimate compliment to have your artwork pinned. That means it is pure beauty. I'm sure there are many people who aspire to create your designs. But you hold the great honor of being the original. Keep sharing your work and let the world know it comes from you! I admire all you do. Being an inspiration is one of the greatest gifts you can give. The goodness will come back to you tenfold! I too, am grateful that Leah wrote that post. Art should never crossover to anxiety, fear, and angst. It should be about sharing and promoting aesthetic beauty. And passion for learning and creating. There is absolutely, no time, to slow down and fret about who uses similar motifs, colors, or patterns. We live way too short an existence. There is only time to be our best.

  2. I am pleased that you have reconsidered your response to the copyright concerns expressed in so many blogs about Pinterest. I have had strong feelings about the closing down of the flow of information on the web for a long time and the recent contretemps in the quilting world has only reinforced my attitude. You can use the web to make money and hold on tight to your little patch of the universe or you can open up and revel in knowledge that is now freely available to everyone on this planet. Thank you for the link to Leah's article which expresses so well similar thoughts to mine.

  3. Bless you Marianne for your honesty
    With all the recent Pinterest concern posts that have been popping up around blog land, I've been tempted a few times to reconsider pinning.
    Personally I use the site as a personal information library and after a few weeks of basic pinning and repinning - I made a decision to link back wherever possible to original photo's, blog posts etc
    The majority of us in quilting love to share, be it knowledge, ideas, fabrics, etc - and many, way so many love to even share patterns in quilt along's for free, just for the joy of seeing their pattern / idea, being interoperated by fellow quilters in so many different ways - further inspiring us all
    God bless the generosity that there is out there in the crafting world

  4. That is a lot of lovely fabric!

  5. I'm so glad you've reconsidered! I love your pieces and want to have them on my boards for inspiration. Yay Marianne !!!!!!!!! (I read Leah's post earlier - it was SOOO well stated!!! Let's stop with the angst, already!!)


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