Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little Late Night Sewing

Just playing around with a little reverse applique...when I should long be in bed. Anyone else ever guilty of that late night sewing?


  1. Oh, it looks like Dan's work has been 'speaking' to you

  2. That is very interesting, and if you are up and not sleepy, then surely it is a good time to sew whatever time it is.

  3. Yes, all the time!! I tell my husband just 30 more minutes...Then I crawl into bed at 3am. Oh well...I could have worse issues :):):) I like the reverse!! Hugs

  4. oh yes, on and on, and then you suddenly realise its gone awfully quiet everywhere else...and perhaps the neighbours don't enjoy your late night sewing quite as much as you do....

  5. Those are way fun....You know you can do reverse applique on the longarm.'


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